Halkidiki Historical Museum of Arnea

Location: Arnea

The Historical and Folklore Museum of Arnea in Halkidiki, Greece: The Historical and Folklore Museum of Arnea in Halkidiki is located in the center of the town. It is housed in a two-storey house of the 18th century, which was owned by Konstantinos Katsangelos. This building was renovated recently and opened as a museum in summer 1999.

The ground floor of the museum hosts a display of agricultural instruments (for sowing, reaping, threshing), equipment for bread-making (millstones, bread-stamps, etc), bee-keeping equipment (hives, frames, honey extractor from the cells) and carpentry equipment.

On the first floor, there are house tools, including a loom, spinning wheel, utensils for preparing and serving coffee and many cooking utensils. The most important exhibit of the museum is a 200-year-old fire engine, based on the force-pump invented by the ancient Greek mechanic Ctesibius (285-220 BC).

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