Zakynthos Damianos Cave

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Location: Agalas

Located near the Andronios Wells in southern Zakynthos, Damianos Cave is a beautiful two-story cave that is the center of a known Zakynthian myth! It is said that the village’s protector, Damianos, had once defeated Andronios (a large, evil dragon), and once Andronios reemerged, he was slain, and now his remains lay in this very cave.

Visiting Damianos Cave, one will witness the fantastic view it provides, showcasing the lushly vegetated valleys of Zakynthos! The cave’s interior is filled with greenery and plenty of dirt, while you may also spot the rock that looks like a horse’s head, rumored to be that of Andronios! Furthermore, there is a homonym tavern/restaurant within minutes away from the cave.

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