Zakynthos Ports

The main port of Zakynthos is situated in Zakynthos Town. It receives passenger ferries from the Greek mainland (Kilini).
The island also has a smaller harbor situated in the Volimes region called Agios Nikolaos.

Below, you will find more details about the ports of Corfu:
Zakynthos PortAgios Nikolaos Port

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Zakynthos Port

The port is situated in Zakynthos Town, on the southeastern side of the island. Due to its location being in the capital's heart, a plethora of establishments like restaurants, bars and hotels lie close to it.

Zakynthos' port receives passenger ferries daily during summer. It is connected with the mainland by ferries that depart from the port of Kilini on the northwestern part of Peloponnese.

The ships that operate the Kilini - Zakynthos route appertain to Levante Ferries.

How to get there

Public buses (KTEL) are the cheapest transportation option available on the island. The central bus station from where most buses depart in order to reach the popular areas is located 15 minutes away from the port (on foot).

Another way is catching a taxi. The number of taxis is adequate, but having your taxi transfer pre-arranged is advisable for those visiting during summer. To schedule your pick-up, you can call 0030 26950 48400, 0030 26951 95640, or 0030 26950 48400.

Owning a car during your vacation is the most convenient way to reach the port. If taking your car to Zakynthos is not something you desire, consider renting one for as long as you stay on the island. Having your own vehicle will allow you to reach any place you want and move around at your own pace.
You can book your rental vehicle online via our car rental engine! Otherwise, you may have a look at the best car rental agents in Zakynthos.

Lastly, some hotels and accommodations offer shuttle services to their guests for free or upon charge. Don't skip contacting your accommodation before arriving at Zakynthos.

If you seek lodging in the charming Town, have a look at the top hotels in Zakynthos. You can limit your search by using the location filter.


Agios Nikolaos (Volimon) Port

Agios Nikolaos Volimon - not to be confused with Agios Nikolaos Beach - is a small harbor located at the namesake village on the northeastern side of the island. The seasonal ferry that operates the route to/from Pessada (Kefalonia) moors there.

How to get there

The port is located approximately 29 km away from Zakynthos Town. Since local buses do not serve this region, travelers can reach the port of Agios Nikolaos only by car/motorbike.
Some taxis may be willing to take you there, too, but this will be quite pricey, therefore not recommended.