Zakynthos Festivals & Cultural Events

After the continuous invasions that Zakynthos suffered, the island gave birth to some folklore traditions which are strongly connected to religious worship. Throughout the centuries, the local feasts, mostly those that have a religious character are well-maintained to this day. Today, there are countless festivities accompanied by great wine and food served to tourists.

Religious feasts & festivals

Agios Dionysios
Agios Dionysios celebrates twice per year: on August 24th and December 17th. There are litanies of the icon around Zakynthos Town and other festive celebrations.

May 3rd
Santa Mavra in Maherado celebrates on May 3rd.

August 15th
August 15th is the day of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary and a major feast day for Greece. In Zakynthos, the Monastery of Panagia Anafonitria celebrates this day.

July 26th
Agia Paraskevi celebrates on July 26th in the villages of Agios Leon and Volimes.

September 8th
Panagia Spiliotissa hosts a religious festival on this day since it is the day that Christians celebrate the Birth of the Virgin Mary.

October 26th
A religious festival takes place in Volimes to celebrate the feast day of Agios Dimitrios.

Cultural events

Zante Dance Festival
A local dance school organizes an annual Dance Festival in Zakynthos, taking place every July at the Open-Air Municipal Theatre of Zakynthos (Zakynthos Town).