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Zakynthos, also called Zante, belongs to the Ionian Islands. The Venetians had named the island Fiore di Levante, meaning the "Flower of the East", as the island has dense vegetation, its mountains are covered with pines and its plains are particularly fertile.

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The rich vegetation of Zakynthos is due to the mild Mediterranean climate of the island, characterized by a high level of rainfalls in winter and a lot of sunshine in summer. Because of the many rainfalls, Zakynthos is a very prolific island and its agricultural production is important. The main products cultivated on the island are olives, vines, and citruses.

Except for agriculture, the other source of income for the inhabitants comes from tourism. Zakynthos is famous for its unspoiled natural environment, home to the endangered Caretta Caretta sea turtle, which goes there during the reproduction period. The sea turtle is protected by international agreements and Greek legislation. The Monachus Monachus monk seal also goes to Zakynthos to give birth.

Zakynthos is also renowned for its amazing golden-sand beaches. In addition to the world-famous Navagio (Shipwreck), the most visited beaches are Kalamaki, Laganas and Tsilivi. Many of the island's beaches have become lively seaside resorts proposing many hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars but others have been declared protected areas for the reproduction of the Caretta-Caretta and have kept their natural beauty. This rare sea turtle usually goes to sandy beaches or isolated islets, like Pelouzo or Marathonisi.

Apart from its beautiful natural environment, Zakynthos also has a long and rich culture, much influenced by the Venetians. The island is known for its musical tradition and for its special architecture, which is more evident in Zakynthos Town.

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54 Reviews
  • gabey 26 Sep 2018
    Beautiful island!
    Zakynthos is absolutely beautiful! I would definitely recommend going there. It is however advised to rent a car/find out about the public transport possibilities to make sure you can get around easily on your own if you want to make the most of it! Pictures like those on basically say it all: this island is gorgeous!
  • nevillecowan1 24 Sep 2017
    Zakynthos a tale of two contrasts
    Depending what you want in a holiday, zakynthos can be the best place or it could be the worst. Having visited the island about 15 years ago and again in September 2017, it was sad to see the mess the built up areas are in. The scenic areas are still some of the most breath taking views to be had, the farming and farm products are there to be bought on the side of the road, the food, the bread is all beautiful and worthy of a mention and recommended. However the other side to the island, the exploitation of the natural resources is shocking. Litter everywhere, fly tipping everywhere.hundreds of boats daily taking tourists out to see the poor turtles, how many turtles are injured by propellors, the oil and fuel from the boats on a busy day floating round the coastline sticking like black glue to some unsuspecting snorkelers or swimmers and I'm one of them. The town of Lagana, well depends what you want in a holiday but when I go to Greece or a Greek island, that's what I want to see, not a boozer and sex shop industry with drunken Brit's embarrassing all from the UK. Greece where is your pride? Are there no Greek environmentally proud groups wanting to clean up the island or try educate their own, yes the tourist is guilty for some of the filth but I saw Greeks on the beach on family day Sunday leaving their rubish on the beach. Go diving and what you see happening on land is happening in the sea, there is not only tourist related rubish but rubish from years of exploitation. Greece where is your pride. Having visited a few islands now and the mainland it's the same. Yes greece is going through a tough time but this has been happening for many decades. I find Greeks and the Greek culture a wonderful experience. Greeks are proud to be Greek but not proud of Greece or interested in looking after what is their inheritance, use it, make money out of's not our problem oh and allowing the tourist free destruction rights. Sorry to say all this but it disturbed me to see it happening to such a beautiful island. For the scenic part it excellent.I say no more
  • boqueron96 10 Aug 2014
    Kanali beach
    This "secluded" beach is half way between Trapezaki beach and Lourdas beach. It is, in my opinion, one of the best beaches I visited in Kefalonia, wild, beautiful sea and absolutely not crowded, maybe because to reach it you have to follow a steep path (but not dangerous) anyway the Caraibic atmosphere with crystal clear waters will repay you of all efforts made to achieve this small piece of paradise.
    It is not organized, so don't forget to bring your parasols and water with you.
  • m.vercaigne_prive 27 Dec 2013
    Zakynthos from a different perspective
    Dear reader,

    Almost 8 years ago I set for the first time foot on the island of Zakynthos. I was staying in the area of Planos-Tsilivi and arrived by bus in the very late evening. My first thoughts were ... never again ... when I saw the overcrowded centre of Tsilivi.

    Since then every single year I did spend my holidays on Zakynthos. More or less two weeks in the "pre-season" as of early May, mainly to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and flora. And again more or less two weeks in the "post-season" during the month of September to enjoy the warm Ionian in places as Porto Roma or Korakonissi.

    And a few years ago now, I have bought me a little holiday house near the airport where I hope to spent -later- most of my time.

    When reading some of the reviews, Zakynthos is very much appreciated for the beautiful beaches, or the nightlife, of the good food and wine, or for diving and snorkling, name it.

    This proves that the island offers a bit of everything to please the average tourist. Unfortunately, very few visitors refer to Zakynthos as the perfect spot to relax, meditate and hike along the rough tracks in the western or southeastern hills. Spectacular views, landscapes -and in the right season- flora and fauna can be found on the westcoast from Limni Keriou to Keri and passing Agalas, Aghios Leon, Maries and Kampi up to the northern villages of Ano and Kato Volimes.

    With this review I hope to be able to invite also those visitors who are seeking rest and relaxation in an environment untouched for many many years. At the same time I am convinced that this type of visitor has the heart "on the right spot" and will actively contribute to the preservation of this island.
  • vele.velevski 10 Sep 2013
    My favorite island
    I've been in Zakynthos in 2009. It was my first time to go to a Greek island, and I must say I still remember it as the best vacation of my live.
    I like Zakynthos because it is possible for everyone to find what they are looking for. For the party animals there is Laganas (not my cup of tea), for the families there is Tsilivi, etc.
    We stayed at Argassi, in Porto Davia apartments, which were great, with their own private beach and a beautiful garden with palm trees. I liked Argassi because it is closest to the best beaches in Zakynthos (Agios Nikolaos, Banana beach, and my favorite Gerakas beach), and it's also very close to Zante Town.
    It's a shame that Zakynthos is getting a reputation of a party island, because in reality there are much more things to see and do in this fabulous island.
    I won't write anything about Navagio beach, just because it is a beach that everyone must see at least once in their lives, there are no words to describe it. After all, there is a reason why this island was the favorite one of the Venetians...
  • boqueron96 22 Aug 2013
    The Flower of the East
    I spent one week on Zakynthos in early July. Ath the beginning I was a little bit worried about the party's atmosphere for which the Island is becoming famous in these last years, but after visiting it, I think Zakynthos has really everything for everybody: calm beaches with sand or pebbles,as well as party beaches.
    The thing I liked most are the quite villages in the mountains like Anafonitria (the Monastery is worth visiting) and Volimes, and the southern part of the Island: Keri and Keri lake, the place where you can catch a boat to Marathonissi Island, a fantastic natural reserve where the turtles Caretta Caretta lay their nest.
    Renting a car is definitely the best way to discover unspoiled points full of Greek charme, the roads are quite good even if the signals are not always visible.
    I stayed in Alykes, the village is quite, the beach is fantastic (it has a European Blue Flag) and it is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing holiday on the Island.
    I am planning to come back there next year!
  • georgiav 17 Dec 2011
    Truly amazing
    We were pleased to stay in a beautiful hotel in Argassi last July. This resort is close to the town, quite developed with various things to do on holidays. Zakynthos has a good reputation, tourists are spread around the island, especially on the southern side but there are also few resorts on the north eastern.

    We took a bus tour which included the villages of Volimes, Keri and Maherado, all quite traditional and beautiful. In Tsivili you will find a beautiful beach for swimming, well-organized and not so loud as Laganas. People were very friendly, taverns were quite expensive especially in Laganas but the food was nicely cooked.

    We really enjoyed the evening walks, the bars in Zante Town and the amazing beauty of this island, the green landscape is what I will mostly remember. The Shipwreck beach was probably the best beach I've been, the water was more exotic than in the Carribean, truly amazing!
  • jekla88 28 Aug 2011
    A place for fun
    The trip to Zakynthos was great but quite tiring. Four days in such a big island are not enough, although we all agreed that it is one of the best places to spend your summer holidays. Calm beaches and fantastic paths to walk through are some of the characteristics of Zakynthos.

    This island covers all tastes. You can find remote beaches, secret coves or many organized beaches with cosmopolitan atmosphere. One beach highly recommended is Navagio beach. A sheltered cove with huge rocks, the softest/whitest sand you will see in Greece and exotic water. Sadly the boat left us only for an hour, I wish we could stay more in that amazing place!

    There are restaurants in Zante where the food is a bit expensive, especially in the tourist places. We discovered our own small taverns up in the mountain villages with incredible homemade recipes. The heart of nightlife entertainment and wild parties is in Laganas. A place with great toursit development, although so much noise bothered us. The beach of Laganas though is pretty nice and long.
  • portoz87 15 Jun 2011
    Enjoy the peace and beaches
    Last year I visited Zakynthos, one of the most beautiful green islands of Greece with nice people and magnificent beaches. Zakynthos is much bigger than I thought. We traveled mostly at the eastern coast of the island with the peaceful coves and golden sandy beaches.

    One is Porto Zoro, it is very popular among the locals and tourists as well. It has an extraordinary beauty with crystalline waters and rocks emerging from the sea. I personally recommend Agios Sostis, it is a small beach between the villages Laganas and Porto Koukla. However, you should not miss the most popular beach of the island, the Shipwreck. It receives a great number during the summer months for the blue waters and the rocky formations.

    Some of the villages that are worth visiting are Agios Nikolaos and Keri. They are both located far away from the town but if you have a car, you will definitely enjoy the trip. I was quite amazed by the flower yards in the houses and the local shops scattered around the town with souvenirs and gifts. I found them very sweet and had some nice gifts for everybody.
  • dailtu223 17 May 2011
    Zante has changed over years
    We have been coming to Zante for many years and have seen many changes, some for the better, some not. Zante is still one of the most enjoyable islands in Greece. And simply put if you don't want to be with the noisy crowds, then it's easy: don't go to Laganas in the high summer season.

    Although the major tour companies are getting much of their own way, there are still places for everyone to enjoy. Couples and families should try Tsilivi, Kalamaki, or Alykas etc, even the outskirts of Lagana. Yes Lagana has changed, but only really at night when it becomes a club scene for 18- 30 age groups.

    There are plenty of golden beaches, hidden coves, and quaint Villages to be found in Zante, but instead of taking a tour operators trip, hire a car and explore for yourself, places like Zante Town, Porto Vromi, Ceri, and the many quaint traditional villages up in the mountains area. Families & couples will all love Zante. It may have grown, yet still retains its charm and traditional history.
  • ursula37 30 Sep 2010
    Top beaches and water games
    I just returned from a week long holiday in Zakynthos and I am already planning my next holiday there. My apartment on the beautiful coastal region of Limanaki, about 6 kilometers from the town of Zakynthos, was a charming one, perched in the middle of a verdant olive grove and very close to the sunny beach and a quaint little port. I did some beach hopping on the narrow peninsula on Zakynthos which is teeming with beaches. Porto Zoro, Porto Roma and Banana are worth visiting, especially the Banana, which turned out to be relatively less crowded and cheap too, I could rent 2 sun beds and an umbrella for 6 Euros.

    On the second day, I drove to Tsilivi, a busy tourist center bustling with bars, clubs, restaurants and shops. On the remaining days, it was beaches, beaches and more beaches. Clean sands, sparkling waters and lush vegetation that sometimes touched the water's edge. Zakynthos beaches were all breathtakingly beautiful and ideal for relaxing holiday. The loggerhead turtles are a big bonus on some of the beaches, where they come to nest.

    On the last day, I took my seven-year old son to the indoor children's play centre called the Playaway, the beach-by-day routine had begun to get a tad boring for him, and this turned out to be the best treat for him. Playway is the only one of its kind on the island, conveniently located on the airport road. The place is absolutely safe and suitable for all ages.
  • janette.welton 23 Sep 2010
    Very relaxing and picturesque holiday
    We have just returned from a lovely holiday in Zakynthos and as we used extensively before our holiday we thought we should make a contribution ourselves! We would definitely agree with the ideas suggested in other reviews on this site. The Smugglers/ Navagio cove is certainly beautiful, we would recommend seeing it from the platform above where you really appreciate the amazing colour of the water. Our favourite activity has to be turtle spotting though. Seeing loggerhead turtles in the wild was fantastic... we recommend taking one of the glass bottom boats so you see them above and below water.

    We combined seeing the turtles with an afternoon on the island of Marathoni which was perfect. We are also really pleased though that we took some people's advice and headed inland as well to some of the villages in the mountains. As well as Loucha, there are stunning views from the taverna in Agios Marina and from Gerakari looking inland. As for beaches we recommend Gerakas, Marathonisi, Vromi and Makris Gialos. Some like Gerakas have lovely sand and gently shelves into the sea while others are pebbly but have fantastic views... there is an excellent view of Kefalonia from Makris Gialos, especially from the wonderful fish restaurant on the top of the cliff. We also definitely recommend Kostas Brothers restaurant in Vasilikos.
  • abigail 31 Aug 2010
    Not that bad as reputed
    Zakynthos is not as bad as painted by some of the reviews on travel sites, really! I have just returned from a trip to Zante (my second trip in the last 3 years) and I have to say the place has something for everyone, just you know what you are looking for. I do agree that the coastal strip on north west of Zakynthos Town and the bay of Laganas, where all the package tour companies have descended in droves, might seem awful to some holidaymakers, but there are also places with pretty villages, quiet beach coves and crystal clear waters set against magnificent mountainous backdrops and breathtaking scenery.

    I stayed at Vassilikos, a green unspoilt peninsula with the best countryside and beaches, on the southern end of Zante. Added to the lush natural surroundings are vast olive groves right under the high mountains and the sea. The traditional stone house where I booked into had sweeping views of the rolling hills and verdant plains and was just a short distance from the beaches. So many of them that I swam at a different beach everyday. Banana Beach is the longest and it is shallow with crystal clear waters, while Gerakas Beach, an endless stretch of sand, is the nesting grounds for the endangered loggerhead turtles. The area is protected by the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. Porto Zorro is one of my favorites, a small beach with sparkling blue water and lush vegetation that grows right up to the water. The local cuisine is at its best at the tavernas in Vassilikos.
  • borisbunjevac 23 Apr 2010
    Trip to Zakyntos
    We were at Zakynthos from 28.07.09 till 07.08.09 in hotel Papillon in Argassi. Two families with children and two cars. We started our journey at 5.30 in the morning from Kikinda (Serbia) and arrived at 10 in the evening in Kamena Vourla (Greece). In Kamena Vourla, we spent the night. the next day, we visited Thermopylae and Delphi and at 10 in the evening we arrived in Argassi.

    The road is good though it is a long drive. It is mostly motorway. Even at the parts where it is not, it's in good shape, so driving is not a problem. The bridge Rio-Antirio and ring road around Patra shortens the way significantly. I drove on that road back in 1990, so I know the differece. But one has to pay for that. Motorway through Greece, together with the bridge toll, costs 20E, plus ferry for the car and three adult persons 62E.

    We embarked the ferry at 20.00, but it sailed 30 minutes later, so we arrived at the hotel at 22.00. We arrived at the hotel Papillon in Argassi at 10 in the evening. The Hotel is nice, it has a nice swimming pool, big, with a lot of shadow. The appartments are not bad. The hotel has its own parking, but it's dusty and not very well cared for. There are not enough parking places, and so if one arrives a little later in the evening, one has to park in front of the reception. The Hotel is situated at the centre of the place, near the main crossroad.

    Argassi is a nice touristic place. It is not a big place, but it has everything that one needs. There are supermarkets, shops, bars and discoteques. The beach is not nice, so we started exploring Vasilikos peninsula. We visited beaches Porto Zoro, Agios Nikolaos and Gerakas. We agreed that the best beach is Agios Nikolaos. The water is very clear and there are underwater reefs, which are full of small colourful fish, so the ones with swimming glasses can enjoy.

    Gerakas is remarkable beach, because of the thurtle eggs, the colour of sand and its position. One can see whole Laganas bay and island of Marathonisi from it. Laganas has a nice beach too, but it is mostly known for its noghtlife. We bear a very pleasant memory of that beach, because we encountered a trurtle there. It was in a shallow water, about 1,5m deep, so we could see it very well and we folloved it for quite a while, untill it decided to swim away. We usually went shoppimg to Lidl. The prices are reasonable, something is even cheaper than at home. It has a good location, so whether you go somewhere or return you often pass by.

    We also visited fortress Bokhali. The view of the city, port and the island from there made the strongest impression. One can see the whole island. The city of Zante is nice. It is not big, but not small either. It is pleasant for a walk and interesting for sightseeing, and also for shoping. During the period of our visit, numerous seasonal discounts took place. The best period of the day to go to Zante is late afternoon or early evening, because it is not so hot and so it is more pleasant. Most of the shops are open in the evening. In the port, there were a lot of luxourious yachts from numerous Mediteranean and European countries.

    One day was reserved for Navagio. We drove to the port of Porto Vromi. The trip is very interesting because the road passes through the villages in the hills. In one village, we saw an old belltower. In Porto Vromi we bought tickets for a boat for Navagio, that were 15EU per person. A 12 year old child rode for free. We stayed at Navagiou till 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The beach is extraordinary but there are too many tourists. Next day we visited Xigia and Makris Gialos.

    The last day of our stay, we visited Keri beach. It is very pretty, the water is clear but it was overshadowed by the other beautiful beaches.

    Finally, we set out for home. We took the first ferry 6 o'clock in the morning. We reached Kilini about 7.30. We drove all day and arrived in Kikinda (Serbia) 3 o'clock next morning because there was a lot of traffic on the motorway.
  • bigard 14 Mar 2010
    Tour to secluded places
    Zakynthos was everything and much more than what I had gathered from the net and from friends who had spent a holiday there last year. On arrival there, I was overwhelmed by the varied landscape of long golden beaches, high mountains and valleys of olive trees, citrus fruits and grapes. The weather was very hot in the day and chilly in the evening. It didn't rain for as long as we were there but I heard that the winter is very rainy in Zakynthos and that's why the island is so green.

    We stayed in a family hotel about 15 minutes drive from Zakynthos Town and our stuio had a great view to the sea. Armed with a map and a rented car, we toured the island, the beaches, the calm northern side, the secluded bays. Agios Nikolaos was a nice beach and so was Porto Zoro, Banana and Keri. Most coasts were packed but they were also large and you could find a place to lay down on the sand.

    From Laganas, we hired a boat and went to the islands Marathonisi and Strofadia. On Strofadia, there is a medieval monastery-fort. In Laganas and Kalamaki, some water games are really fun and if you have kids, they will not leave the beach no matter what!!
  • wsteenkamer 08 Mar 2010
    Massive tourists keep away
    The most annoying thing about Zakynthos is how some bad policies can destroy an island. For me, Zakynthos is the most beautiful island in Greece but only for its west coast that has managed to come out untouched from mass tourism. The southeast coast of the island is totally spoiled by mass tourism.

    This is not the right choice for the Zakynthian people. They should go for natural and ecological tourism. Not for the drunken foreigners. The Greek government is capable for controlling this... however, they don't...

    Keep the island to its normal life cycle and evolution. Not rush into mass tourism that will last the most for 10 to 15 years and will leave Zakynthos completely destroyed. Take an example of Limni Keriou, Limnionas, Exo Chora and Kampi of how tourism development should be done, slowly and lovely...

    If you love nature, come and visit the west coast. If you are a mass tourist, please go to Ibiza, Gran Canaria... but keep away from Zakynthos.
  • padriac36 03 Feb 2010
    Most relaxing days ever
    It definitely has the best beaches I have seen and the best water colour: light blue! The crystal beaches, the wild capes, the fish food, the nightclubs...

    I had the best time for years in Zakynthos, probably the most relaxing days compared to much travelling...

    Yes, I enjoyed the fun of Laganas and the boat trip to the Shipwreck, but mostly I enjoyed the small villages we passed by when driving in the inland, the abandoned churches, the dangerous cape to see the Shipwreck beach, the sea caves, the sandy beaches where turtles go to lay their eggs, the old people with hat picking grapes to make wine.

    It was middle September when we went to Zakynthos and most busy tourists had gone home, so the island was on ourselves. Dishes were excellent everywhere and all ingredients were high quality. I haven't heard anyone having food problems in Greece. Ity is nice that people keep their traditional taverns and don't open international cuisine. If I want Italian food, I go to Italy. If I want Chinese food, I go to China. I come to Greek for the Greek stuff.
  • zucca 19 Dec 2009
    Take the boats trips
    We came by car from Romania, stayed 3 nights in Parga, 3 nights in Kefalonia and a week in Zakynthos. It was our first time in Zakynthos and we were trully happy to see such a wonderful island! Zakynthos is obviously more crowded than Kefalonia and more organized. There were places that were exclusively for tourists. For example, Laganas.

    Tourists in Laganas in summer are certainly more than the locals. This is a resort only for tourists, with big hotels and international restaurants. I was wodnering, why people need international cuisine in Greece, don't they come to try the local recipes and gyros? The only good in Laganas was the boat trip to the turtles and Marathonisi. The beach was nice but you can find so many other beautiful beaches in Zakynthos and less crowded.

    A must is a boat trip to the Blue Caves and Navagio. Also rent a car for a couple of days and drive all the way from South to North West. Stop wherever you want and enjoy. The coasts of Zakynthos are gorgeous but so is the inland with all those lovely villages in the mountains.
  • heleanatz 15 Sep 2009
    Magnicent and relaxing
    We just returned from magnificent Zakynthos and I can tell you, these were my best holidays for years! You actually don't need so many things to have a nice holidays: just some clean beaches, nice landscape and good food! But they are difficult to find them and if you do find them, you also have to be in good spirit to enjoy!

    Well, this year, Zakynthos gave me the best relaxing vacations. We rented a car and visited the inland. I really liked the charming old-world atmosphere of Keri. The village of Maries led us to the gorgeous beaches of Porto Vromi and Stenites. In the village of Maherado, we toured the Venetian Church of Agia Mavra. This church has this miraculous icon of Agia Mavra and receives plenty of tourists all throughout the year.

    The main town has some exquisite shopping zones, selling beautiful items. There were also some leather shops selling belts, jackets, shoes and hats. Food was also excellent. People used all sorts of herbs and spices to garnish the dishes. Delicious!! I can still smell the flavours as I talk about it.
  • zbysekw 10 Aug 2009
    Bad behaviour on the airport
    We went to Zakynthos for 11 days for our honeymoon. When we arrived to the airport, everything was fine, we received our luggage very quickly. On the way back we showed our EU passports and our flight tickets at check-in desk but suddenly we became suspicious just because we were the only Europeans traveling with a British travel agency Thomas Cook and didn't have British passports. We were asked to move away from the check-in desk and wait because they went to check our passports.

    The British staff then came back with our passports which were fine and wanted to see other forms of ID! Then they wanted to see any proof of residency in the UK like bank card, credit card or NI number. They also asked for our hotel details on Zakynthos. We felt like criminals there! Because we are in the EU and there is a free movement here, they haven't got any right to ask for this if we haven't done anything wrong. We have never had such bad experience on any other airport before. I understand that they have right to check our passports in their systems but do they have a right to treat us worse than others just because we haven't got British passports???

    We have lived in England for many years and paid tax here and spend our money here and we thought it would be a good idea to buy our holiday in UK travel agencies. But if they treat us this way, we will spend our money in European travel agencies and we will also tell our friends and relatives not to spend their money with British travel agencies for holiday.
  • farfalla 21 Jul 2009
    Our favorite restraurants
    Vardiola is considered to be one of the best restaurants of Zakynthos. We visited it three times. It is within ten minutes drive from Tsilivi on the way to Alykes, there are signs on the road that provide you with directions. There is a small beach with some grass and sun chairs. It is a pleasure to sit there at night and enjoy a view of opposite Kefalonia. Prices are very reasonable. We recommend trying delicious Kaftedes lamb croquettes. They are usually served with any kind of garnish and are considered an appetizer. Their cost is 4-6 euros. You should also try tzukkini croquettes called kolokitokeftedes.

    It may sound strange, but I tried the best moussaka at a tourist location: Kery Lighthouse tavern, that offers one the best views and boasts having the largest Greek flag in the country.

    N3- Porto Skiza tavern on the west coast of Greece is located on a rock. It has a great view of the Adriatic sea on the sunset. It is located in the village of Kambi. That's where they used to take tourists for the so called Greek evenings last year. This year not enough people have signed up. There are three taverns in Kambi village. The one with a swimming pool and beach chairs was our favorite. You can stop by this place after a tour of Navagio Bay and stay there till sunset. The tavern menu offers delicious and fresh goat meat.
  • farfalla 21 Jul 2009
    Amboula beach apartments
    At Zakyntos, we stayed in Amboula Beach apartments, that is five minutes drive from Tsilivi. The apartment is very cozy and has lovely details of the interior. The landlady is very nice and kind. She speaks English, French and Italian. There were fruits, water, juice and flowers waiting for us when we arrived. There are six apartments in the building, but we recommend staying on the second or third floor. There is no view of the sea from the first floor, but it has an access to the garden. The Blue Flag beach is within one minute walk. There are very few people on the beach in June, there were fifteen or so. Iberotel Plagos beach that offers entertainment program and minidisco party is nearby. There are about five taverns in the area, three of them are located on the way to the beach. The Akroyali tavern was our favorite. There's also a minimarket. You can't get around without a car here.
  • kristincab 23 Jun 2009
    Nice litlle island
    I visited Zakynthos in June and it was great. The roads are good, but not enough road sings. Fortunately the locals are very friendly and always helpful if you get lost. I just think more should be done to save the turtles.
  • draga36 14 Jun 2009
    Laid back island and friendly
    We have been coming to Zakynthos for many years and have just discovered our favourite places. Dafni is the best beach, but don't tell anyone! We want it for ourselves! We love this island, it is generally very laid back and friendly. Some areas are becoming very overdeveloped, but it is still possible to get away into the mountains and find the peace and quiet we come for. Local food is generally excellent. The bars and tavernas and all friendly and clean. Try the Olive Tree Taverna in Tsilivi for food and Nemorosa Bar in Tsilivi again for a quiet, friendly drink. The good thing is that we have friends in Zakynthos, after so many years going there. It is always a pleasure to see them. We know where to stay, where to eat, the best beaches, the nicest villages. Last year, our hotel was fully booked and my friend Takis found us let us stay in his house for a couple of days until a room in the hotel was empty. They are amazing people the Greeks! Sometimes a bit moody and loud-speakers but still have good heart.
  • koklt 01 Jun 2009
    Protect the sea turtles
    In general, Zakynthos is a beautiful island, especially the mountainside and it has very romantic coasts. However, it's very irritating that authorities are NOT doing a lot to protect the turtle eggs. This is really a shame. Be aware of the fact that this is one of the only breeding places of sea turtles in the whole world. So be careful when visiting the southern beaches. Public authorities should become aware that the turtles are a tourist asset for the island and so they should protect the turtle eggs, for example by closing the upper parts of the beaches. For the moment the situation is a bit hypocrite: it's forbidden to go on the higher parts of the turtle beach but they are not doing a lot to prevent people from going in these parts.

    Otherwise, the island is beautiful. Rent a car for two or three days to see the more remote places, like Porto Vromi. I think the best beaches on Zakynthos are thses which have not much crowds. I didn't like Laganas and generally the nightlife was not good. It was concentrated in Laganas and Tsilivi and it was ruined by the 16 year old British who were constantly drunken.
  • federpu 15 May 2009
    Misunderstood island with gorgeous beaches
    I think Zakynthos is a misunderstood island. Before I go, I heard stories that I will be "beaten" by drunken tourists in Laganas and that I will lose my sleep from the noise. Well, nothing of these came true! Yes, Laganas was very noisy especially in the evening, but the rest of the island was peaceful and dreamy. The capital had a unique architecture and we rented a car for two days to see the inland. It seemed like the villages there were still living back in time. Very classical and typical Greek. Macherado was the best in the inland and I liked Agios Leon, too.

    You must have also heard that Zakynthos has gorgeous beaches. Well, this is true! It has the bets beaches I have seen in Greece and in fatc, the most beautiful are hidden and you can go there by boat. Navagio is excellent (you go to this beach on a boat tour) and Porto Vromi is also picturesque. We spend nine days in Zakynthos and still didn't see all the island. It seems small but it is isn't.
  • sam57 01 Mar 2009
    Top place to be
    I have been to Zakynthos 17 times!!! This is the place to be for me. Apart from some areas which have been destroyed by tourism, like Laganas, the rest of the island is heaven! Gorgeous beaches, funny people and nice villages. Ionian Sea is the best sea in Greece, the purest water! Food is also excellent. The Greek cuisine is in my top three in the world!
  • amandabr 03 Feb 2009
    Bad behaviors and suggestions
    Zakynthos is an amazing island with beautiful beaches. Navagio and Porto Zoro are among the best beaches I've been to. Food is also excellent. We ate a lot of meat and very little fish. Grilled meat was delicious and Greek salad as well. I am sure you will love the island, but you may also notice some behaviours you will disapprove. My first bad experience was on the ferry to Zakynthos. The ship was dirty, the crew was rude and didn't speak any language, I felt very uncomfortable there. I wouldn't recommend European Seaways to my worst enemy. Also a few recommendations to the authorities: make people wear hamlets, teach taxi drivers to drive slower, teach hotel tennants to keep it cleaner. And for tourists? Don't rely on public trasnportation and be careful when you rent a car. They'll try to give you a very old car for the same price as the newer ones.
  • 3487ott 13 Nov 2008
    Great vacations
    The best thing on Zakynthos are the beaches, which are beautiful and especially worth a trip towards the south. Gerakas is where there are sightings of turtles. Zante town is great for an evening meal, lovely greek atmosphere and lots of shopping. We stayed in Tsilivi and were treated very well. Even the busiest of restaurants managed to accommodate 12 of us. I would recommend all of the greek dishes, especially the kleftico but this does depend on personal taste. I personally never had a bad meal. As for Laganas, which is the most popular tourist resort on Zakynthos, unless you want clubs, don't go, its very lively. Tsilivi is ideal because there are quiet areas and bars at one end and clubs and loud music at the other, all ages happy.
  • heatherharvey 08 Jul 2008
    I've been going to Zante for several years now, several resorts, but I love Tsilivi, I've traveled around the whole island and seen some beautiful places and lovely views, I really loved Skinari and spending the day there and swimming/snorkling in the blue caves, theres a really nice taverna at the top which does nice food, there are several windmills there too , which you can rent,a bit exspensive, but the views are breath taking
  • darkoslov 18 Mar 2008
    On Zakynthos it is all in one
    Zakynthos is a true touristic destination and we 've really had some fun there!
    We got all needed information about zakynthos from
    different web sites and people in Slovenia know many things about it, so it was really easy getting an opinion.
    Our family was more than 6 times in Greece (from Thessaloniki to
    Piraeus,Santorini,Crete,Kos Rhodes,Samos,Karpathos,Patmos..)and we are all Greece-fans.
    Zakynthos is not a place to stay for all your life, it's only for holiday.
    It combines beautiful beaches, villages and sightseeing. I would say on Zakynthos it's all in one!The food was also very good and the people were kind, too.
    For me, the best beaches are found on Marathonisi island, and the villages of Volimes,Agios Leon and Macherado are worth visiting. On Marathonisi there are two beaches, one sandy and one with pebbles, I loved them both...
  • steven_m 05 Mar 2008
    Improve the roads
    This was the second time we had been to Zakynthos. It is a very beautiful island with wonderful food and friendly people but I was a bit disappointed with the accommodation. I loved Alykanas beach, which never gets overcrowded. Some villages in the island are worth to visit. However, pay attention because it is very easy to get lost. We actually lost our way many times, therefore a few signs wouldn’t mind and the rural roads should get improved.
  • vdb 24 Feb 2008
    Most beautiful beaches I have ever seen
    Suervey by: Mare Fager
    Nationality: swedish
    Age: 39

    Date on the island/area: from 15-05-2007 to 05-06-2007

    How many countries have you visited?

    Which method of transportation did you use to get to the island/area?
    Comments about the Trip:: Easy 3 hour non stop flight Stockholm-Zakynthos

    What did you use to research information about the island/area?
    Internet and the library in Sweden

    Which of the following assisted you in choosing Greece, and especially this particular island/area, as a vacation destination?
    Recommended By Friends /Discovered On The Internet

    What is your opinion about some of the attractions of the island/area?
    The most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, and a variety of landscape, from lush green hills and planes with long sandy beaches to harsh
    mountains and steep 200 metres high cliffs and stone and pebble beaches and lagoons.
    Most of the villages have many new buildings but all very neatly built with the tiled roofs and pretty gardens. Only a few villages are old and restored.
    Nightlife of big variety all from small bars and lounges to greek and english style night clubs. Plenty of taverns, a few topquality restaurants(Komis Fish in the town, Olympic Kitchen in Alikes, Portokali
    in Argassi and Kostas Brother in Vassilikos). There are some ancient sites,Mycenian graves and a well from Herodotos time but most interesting is the
    National Marine Park in Laganas Bay and Vassilikos. The giant sea tutrle Caretta caretta is a must to see!

    What is your opinion about the local food and your dining experience in general?
    The general quality of food is above average but in many taverns very similar, you have to ask locals to get to know the special places because they do exist but sometimes difficult to see them between all the other places. There are some small coffee bars that really make a difference like Panino in the center of Zakynthos town and Nikos bar at Porto Roma beach in Vassilikos. They are also cheaper than the other ones. Generally coffee is too expensive in Zakynthos!

    Favorite things about the island/area:
    Best Beaches : Porto Roma, Dafni, Limiona
    Best Villages : Loucha, Gyri
    Best Activity : Turtle safari, snorkeling, diving
    Best Bar/Pub/Club : Portokali

    What do you feel the authorities could do to improve the services ofthe island/area?
    Fix the roads, organise the collecting of the recycling better, its a shame to see all the plastic bottles in the normal rubbish bins.

    Do you have any recommendations for future visitors to the island/area?
    Look for off season times, Zakynthos is just fantastic in may-june and september, find a small house to rent on your own, it is usually cheaper than a hotelroom, especially if you are 4-6 persons, ask for information about paths or places to go on bicycle, that is a beautiful experience.

    If given the opportunity would you visit the island/area again?

    Would you recommend this island/area to others?

    How would you rate the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries that you have visited?
  • ken.marie 21 Oct 2007
    Planos Bay Appts
    Brilliant accommodation- 402. Clean and spacious and the bed was comfortable. Maid service was excellent- Ilda you are a wee peach thought I would take you back to Scotland. Reception always helpful and cheerful- thanks Demitri. Beautiful island and beutiful people will always cherish our visit.Thanks also to Cavo Grosso for wonderful tours on land and sea and Kefalonia.
    Best eats Manos, Med, Edem and Fat Olives.Special mention for hotel shopkeeper for hospitality. First choice flight well received. Efharisto.
  • Madeleine_W 13 Sep 2007
    One thing I didn't enjoy on Zakynthos was the prices at the airport. They are absolutely prohibitive and cannot be accepted (4 euros for a coffee), and the street signs to go to the airport are not sufficient. I also want to send a message to the authorities: Make sure that turtles are actually safeguarded, do not allow too many tourists on the beaches (you should limit the use of sunbeds). Recommendation for future visitors: Stay in Vasilikos, and make a trip by car and by boat around the island. Look for accommodation in small hotels and private Houses and Villas. I was extremely satisfied about the places I stayed in Vasilikos and in Limni Keriou. Prefer eating at restaurants visited by the locals. As for the rest, Zakynthos is a 10! Amazing beaches, Gerakas and Porto Zorro, St. Nicholas in Vasilikos and of course Shipwreck beach!
  • Amir_O 11 Feb 2007
    Outstanding People

    Nationality: Israeli
    Age: 44
    Countries visited: 15-30
    The trip: I arrived on the island by plane. The trip was good
    Reasons for going to Zakynthos: Discovered on TV, Proposed by a travel agency
    Idea Zakynthos Island before arriving: I had no idea about the island before coming to it was a pleasant surprise.
    Outstanding people and weather
    Best Activity: Laganas at night
    Anything negative Zakynthos island or needs improvement: The
    Recommendations for Zakynthos: Rent a car and tour the island. I recommend that you book hotel only for the first 2 nights and take the time to find the places that you wish to sleep in while touring the island
    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 10/10
  • Alessandro 24 Jan 2007
    Public transportation needs improvement
    Nationality: Italy
    Age: 35
    Countries visited: 5-10
    The trip: I arrived on the island by plane. The trip was good with no delays
    Reasons for going to Zakynthos: It was highly recommended by friends of mine
    Idea about Zakynthos before arriving: I had an idea about the beautiful beaches from my friends and a travel magazine.
    - Island/Area : 9/10
    - Landscapes : 9/10
    - Tree Covered : 8/10
    - Beaches and Waters : 8/10
    - Cleanliness : 8/10
    - Villages : 7/10
    - Main Town : 7/10
    - Food/Restaurants : 7/10
    - Nightlife : 8/10
    - Local People : 8/10
    - Accommodations : 8/10
    - Activities : 8/10
    - Excursions : 9/10
    - Sightseeing : 10/10
    - Prices : 8/10
    - Public Transportation : 4/10
    - Authenticity : 6/10
    - Peace and quiet : 7/10
    - Weather : 8/10
    Best Beaches: Navagio, Xigia
    Anything negative about Zakynthos or something that needs improvement: Public transportation is too scarce: other greek islands offer buses which reach most important beaches, up to late hours, but in Zakynthos the bus service is limited to few hours, and with few runs. Luckily enough, there are many cabs (taxi service is good)
    Recommendations: The famous area of Laganas should be avoided (unless you are looking for pubs and discos only!) the most interesting places of the island are elsewhere. For example there are wonderful beaches near Xigia, one of them can be reached only by feet or by boat. Another suggestion: the famous 'shipwreck' (or 'navagio') beach can be reached with boats, but I think it is better to see it from the top, where someone built a small terrace about 200m over the sea: the landscape is wonderful and the sight is better than from the beach itself. To reach this terrace, there is an asphalt road coming from the central part of the island. Note that there is no way to go from the terrace to the beach (neither a road, nor a stair step, because it is too high and dangerous) but the sightseeing is worth while the trip
    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 7/10
  • AJ_Vince 14 Dec 2006
    Peaceful friendly people
    Nationality: British

    Age: 59

    Countries visited: 5-10

    The Trip: I arrived on the island by plane with the Thomas Cook. The trip was very good with no delays

    Reasons for going to Zakynthos: Recommended by a friend in 2004,this was my second visit to this resort and hotel

    Idea before arriving to Zakynthos: Excellent night life, peaceful, friendly people, plenty of good trips, superb scenery, fantastic food Top Marks on all counts

    Opinion about catering:

    - General, for catering : 10/10

    - Quality of food/drinks : 10/10

    - Variety of dishes/drinks : 10/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10

    - Service : 10/10 Most of the waiters speak English and they work at super speeds!

    - Environment : 10/10

    - Prices : 10/10

    - Access (distance from town, beach, hotel) : 10/10

    Favorite things about Zakynthos:

    - Best Beaches: Cristal Beach

    - Best villages: Kalamaki, Laganas

    - Best Activity: SunBathing, Bar Hopping and day trips

    - Best Bar/Pub/Club: All brilliant

    Negative opinion about Zakynthos:

    The departure section of the airport is a nightmare. No air conditioning overcrowded and to much time spent waiting to get out. However I understand improvements are being made

    Recommendations for future visitors:

    To take the ferry to Kefalonia, to go on the sun kissed island cruise and dine out at Stanis

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this isla
  • A_Scully 14 Nov 2006
    It is worth seeing the villages
    Nationality: Irish

    Age: 19

    Countries visited: 5-10

    The Trip: I arrived on the island by plane with the Eirjet. The trip was very good with no delays

    Reasons for going to Zakynthos: Proposed by travel agency. Now we've been there twice and I hope to b going back again at the end of September 06. It's now like home from home

    Idea before arriving: We were told Zante was a beautiful island, with gorgeous scenery. Its the Mediterranean so the sea was warm, the island wasn’t built up and as I'm 19 I was worried there wouldn't be a social life there. The Food was supposed to be fantastic but the accommodation wasn't presumed to be like Spain, Italy, or France etc. We were told that you can't flush toilet paper down the toilet because it would block the system

    - Island/Area : 10/10

    - Landscapes : 10/10

    - Tree Covered : 5/10

    - Beaches and Waters : 10/10

    - Cleanliness : 10/10

    - Villages beauty : 10/10

    - Main Town beauty : 7/10 Its very built up and in the heat it can be uncomfortable

    - Food/Restaurants : 8/10 Depending on where you go

    - Nightlife : 9/10 In the smaller resorts the nightlife wouldn’t be brilliant but in Laganas its outstanding!

    - Local People : 10/10

    - Lifestyle : 10/10 10

    - Activities : 8/10

    - Excursions & Sightseeing : 8/10 The blue caves are amazing but going on the boat journey around the island is definitely not worth what you pay for

    - Prices : 9/10 The only fault we had was boat journey around the island

    - Authenticity : 10/10

    - Peace and quiet : 10/10 If you want peace and quiet you'll have it but if you want a nights on the town they are also there!

    - Weather : 10/10 It's magnificent

    Opinion about the accommodations:

    - General, for Accommodation : 10/10

    - Location (surroundings) : 10/10 Alykanas is beautiful, Zante town is only 20 minutes away

    - Access (distance from town, beach) : 10/10 The beach is only a 5 minute journey away. Next to our Plessas Palace there is a strip of restaurants, also if you want to go further to Alikes you can get a carriage ride for about 8 euro

    - Facilities (air-condition, telephone, TV) : 10/10

    - Comfort : 9/10 The mosquito’s are annoying but there are many repelants in the shops

    - Service : 1/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10

    - Price : 10/10

    Opinion about catering:

    - General, for catering : 10/10

    - Quality of food/drinks : 10/10

    - Variety of dishes/drinks : 10/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10

    - Service : 10/10 Most of the waiters speak English and they work at super speeds!

    - Environment : 10/10

    - Prices : 8/10 Depending on where you go, Alakynas was brilliant for prices but if your in Zante at the fish restaurants then ask for the price before you order

    - Access (distance from town, beach, hotel) : 10/10 A 2 minute walk, if you want to go to Alikes then its about 10 minutes in the horse and carriage

    Opinion about attractions:

    - General, for attractions - recreations : 8/10 I thought the blue caves and the churches were amazing but the shipwreck, in my opinion, was a waste

    - Variety : 10/10

    - Infrastructures : 9/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 9/10

    - Service/Guidance : 10/10

    - Prices : 10/10

    Opinion about Travel and Transportation:

    - General, for travel & transportation : 8/10

    - Transfers : 10/10

    - Friendliness, information and help : 10/10

    - Service : 9/10

    - Ticket prices : 9/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10

    - Safety/Security : 10/10

    Opinion about local transportation:

    - General, for local transportation : 8/10 If you get a public bus to Zante town you aren’t assured of a bus back, the tourists buses are spot on though. Taxis are brilliant, you’re always assured to find one somewhere

    - Vehicle's conditions : 10/10 All vehicles are road worthy, the are old but they don't show there age

    - Service : 8/10 Tourists transportation is very good but again the public buses aren't always reliable

    - Safety : 10/10

    - Tickets and prices : 10/10

    - Cleanliness/hygiene : 10/10

    - Conditions of roads : 4/10 The motorway is grand but in general roads wouldn’t be up to standard

    - Parking areas : 10/10

    Opinion about the infrastructure:

    - General, for infrastructure : 7/10 The newer buildings are lovely but some of the older ones are a bit run down

    - Tourist information (kiosks, maps, etc) : 5/10 The maps are only a rough estimate of where you are going!!!

    - Telecommunication : 10/10

    - Health service : 10/10

    - Park & Public spaces : 10/10 Very clean, no rubbish anywhere

    Favorite things about the island/area

    - Best Beaches: There are beautiful beaches up north of the island but t find them you have to have a car

    - Best villages: There are small villages all over the island and they are all worth a visit to see the Greeks in their own environment

    - Best Activity: Horse Ridding in Yannis, he caters for total beginners up to advanced riders the horses are in superb condition and you can see their well taken care of

    - Best Bar/Pub/Club: Zero in Laganas is a brilliant club

    Negative opinion about the island

    The roads on the island are very poor and the quality of driving isn't the best either. I was surprised to see only one accident

    Recommendations for future visitors

    The only thing I found fault with was the boat trip around the island, it was from 9 until 5 and in hot weather its long and drawn out. There are boat trips just going to the blue caves and I would definitely recommend seeing them because they are sublime.

    Also i would recommend that people would visit the St Denis' church because it is magnificent

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries


  • andrewlowley06 15 Aug 2006
    Zante is a beautiful island
    The trip. The flight from Manchester was delayed but nowadays you come to expect this. The transfer went smoothly.

    Reasons for going to Zante. On recommendation as everyone we knew who had been there couldn?t praise the island enough. The relevant websites give some fabulous views which are almost too good to be true. In reality we found that even the most idyllic & contrived PR views didn?t come within a country mile of doing justice to the simple & stunning beauty of Zakinthos.

    Expectations & opinions. The island is bigger than U think, it?s hotter than U think and is more of a feast for the eyes than U could ever imagine. There is plenty of competition amongst traders for your Euros so shop around for everything as prices vary so much. Tip ? try haggling especially with the ?front man/woman? outside restaurants for a free drink with the meal. The travel agents tell U there is something for everyone & this is indeed true. A 7 day holiday doesn?t give U enough time to discover what really is there. Lots of internet surfing prior to the trip should help U plan & make the best of your time when U get there. At night ?the strip? in Laganas (a half mile stretch of road almost exclusively lined with bars, restaurants, clubs & shops) is an amazing place & although it is really ?in your face? there is no violence or aggression ? certainly not while we were there (July 2006) - everyone is too intent on having a great time. ?The strip? is not a place for children as it may appear intimidating & scary. The venues along the Kalamaki Road (opposite the Go Kart place) are more sedentary, less frenetic & noticeably more stylish.

    Favourite things about Zante. The panoramic views, the undulating & rugged countryside, the beaches, the warm & crystal clear sea, the unhurried pace of life, fresh & unpolluted air. The politeness and friendliness of the islanders.

    Negative opinion. Regarding Zante airport: with so much money generated by tourism it is unbelievable that the authorities will not invest in even basic facilities eg running water in the gents toilet & chairs rather than the floor for people to sit on. Regarding Laganas: on ?the strip? (day & night) every bar & restaurant has a ?front man/woman? who entices you to go in their establishment ? some are very insistent. After hundreds of such enticements it becomes tedious & annoying. Tip ? don?t catch their eye or pretend to be in deep conversation. Some bars & clubs water down the spirits & especially the cocktails (easier to disguise). Some of the ?street children? are adept at begging & stealing so be careful. Tip ? ladies, don?t wear jewellery.

    Recommendations. Where there is a choice use the trips suggested by the reps. They are a few Euros more expensive than those offered elsewhere but apparently use reputable, reliable operators with insurance & back up if needed. Use local bus services to get around (very cheap). Timetables are at every bus stop. The ?shipwreck cove? seems to be on every brochure, website etc and has become a PR clich? ? but when you get to the cove (access by sea) it is a truly awesome place with plenty of ?wow? factor. No trip to the island is complete without seeing it. At the very minimum learn how to say ?thank you? in Greek it usually raises a smile with the locals because U invariably pronounce it wrong but it does mean that you?ve at least made an effort: ?apharisto? means thank you. Take enough factor 20 ?sunny? as it is up to 5 times more expensive on the island. Mossy repellent & plug-ins will help at night. In a nutshell ? Zante is a fabulous place & has plenty to offer people of all tastes.
  • helena.roets 23 Jul 2006
    Caravel Beach Hotel Tsilivi
    I visited this hotel in may 2006 with a friend.

    Must say that we have been surprised by the good service, the nice accomodation,verry clean and peacefull and absolutely splendid meals...

    I intend to go back in september with another friend of mine, recovering from a disease, so that she can also get to know this wonderfull place to stay!My compliments to the staff of this hotel; verry helpfull and with a lot of respect we have been treated!
  • rhian_dany 04 Jul 2006
    Very welcoming people
    Nationality: British

    Age: 50+

    The trip: We had a direct palne to Zakynthos. The trip was really good.

    Reasons for going to Zakynthos: My friend had been to Zakynthos before and convince me to go with him. I always wanted to visit Greece and the Greek Islands.

    Idea before arriving: I was told that Zakynthos is one of the nicest greek isles. I checked on the web for infomation and pictures and found that the island had much to offer. The beaches looked great.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, It met my expactations, unquestionably. People could not have been more welcoming. Some of the prettiest flowers ever seen. The villages are typical Greek. The nightife was also great even for our great ages.

    Favorite thing about Zakynthos: People, seafood, welcome of local people, scenery.

    Negative opinion: The plombing but my friend told me that he got used to it!

    Recommendations: The restaurant Akroyali on the way to Amboula beach is superb. Best arround including Tsilivi.

    I will definitely get back there even !
  • stef-pinky 02 Jul 2006
    Holiday in Laganas!
    My boyfriend and I are just back from spending 2 weeks in the Karras apartments in Laganas and I have to say it was the best holiday ever! Zakynthos is a grat island. the people are so friendly very similar to the laid back thinking of the irish. The karras apartments were a perfect distance from the main strip for a nice quiet sleep but yet near enough for a good night out! I would 100% recommend Zakynthos to anybody. I do feel a car hire is the best way to get out of the tourist district and see 'real island life' Maybe young teenagers might be a bit bored but it was definitely a holiday i will remember and i hope to go back again! book for 2 weeks, one just isn't enough!! only downside was the heat at night and mosquitoes but everything else more than made up for it!!
  • leonpopplewell 25 Jun 2006
    Have been to laganas 4 times
    Have been to laganas 4 times already and found the people to be really friendly but not in yer face like some places are. Food and drink is generally good and fairly cheap.Laganas beach is spot on and clean. The island has some terrific views and worth exploring especially the round the island boat trip! Cant wait for sept when booked to go back. Bring it on!!
  • carolprince 04 Jun 2006
    Our favourite destination
    First went to Zante around 17 years ago and have been regular visitors ever since. Went twice in 2005 and are going twice this year - June and September.

    We stay in Kalamaki at the Venus hotel, a really friendly place with great accommodation and they take direct bookings.

    Love the resort as it has something for everyone be it quiet bars and restaurants or something more lively.

    Hire a car and tour the island away from the resorts, there are some beautiful views and nice places to visit.

    Can't fault our holidays on this island and even though we go often we always find something new to do each time.

  • jones_c 04 Apr 2006
    Beautiful but some part made for british
    Nationality: Brittish

    Age: 41

    The trip: We took the plane from Manchester and it was a very good trip. We were part of a group and it was the first contact with the people of our group. It was great!

    Reasons for going to Zakynthos: It was proposed by my travel agent and I also checked for info on the web. It appeared beautiful, quiet and not too comercialised.

    Idea before arriving: I always wanted to visit Greece as I have heard much about it. I was waiting for something beautiful, picturesque and warm. My main motivation were beaches and was waiting to find some beautiful ones.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, it met my expactations and more. My familly also enjoyed it much. First, our hotel was really great with a beautiful swimming pool and friendly staff. My children loved the swimmingpool!! The island itself was also really beautiful. Nice beaches, pebbled sometimes but the waters were always warm and lovely. The weather was excelent. We had some excursions in the mainland and it was also very beautiful. Very different than the beach resorts and very authentic.

    Favorite thing about Zakynthos: The weather, the beaches, our swimmingpool. The best beach we have visited was Gerakas. The place is lovely. A little crowded in the evening but really beautiful.

    Negative opinion: Too many brittish people. Some part of the island are only made for them and are over comercialized. I was also disapointed when I learned that the island had in the past one of the most beautiful architecture of Greece and that everything was destroyed by an eartquake.

    Recommendations: Just go to Zakynthos Island and try to see as much as you can. Don't get lazy by the pool in company of a beer!

    Yes, I would love to go to Zakynthos again but this trip gave me the mood to go and discover more parts of Greece and next time it will be without a tour operator.
  • leo 07 Mar 2006
    Top weather, beaches, food, bars but no pavements
    Nationality: Brittish

    Age: 28

    The trip: Aeroplane from Gatwick London England to Zakynthos Greece. The trip was fine and quite quick. We then took a taxi from the airport.

    Reasons for going to Zakynthos: We came last year and really enjoyed it. The weather is really great and the island itself very beautiful with great beaches.

    Idea before arriving: The first time I went to Zakynthos Island I knew that the island was great. It was recommended to me by a friend for its great weather and the many bars.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, the first time I went to Zakynthos it definitely met my expactations. Otherwise I wouldn't go there again! Last year everything was great except from the admiral which we didn't like because of poor rooms, poor service and overcrowded.

    Last year, as it was our second time, it was even better cause we already knew the good restaurants, the good bars etc...

    Zakynthos is really a great island. There are also many excursions to go. But the island should make an effort on pavements, you have to walk in the road a lot.

    Favorite thing about Zakynthos: The sunshine, the food, the scenery, the friendly staff in hotel and restaurants, the bars, the people we mwt a along our journey...

    Negative opinion: Having to wait very long for taxi in Zante town and youths going mad on motorbikes.

    Recommendations: Go there for 2 weeks! one is not enough.

    Yes, I will definitely go back to Zakynthos!
  • nancy 01 Dec 2005
    Unspoilt beauty except from touristy Laganas
    Nationality: English

    Age: 48

    The trip: Took an aeroplane. Pleasant flight but turbulances.

    Reasons for going to Zakynthos: By reputation. I wanted to go to Greece or Cyprus. I choose Greece and the island of Zakynthos.

    Idea before arriving: That Zante would be a small pretty island and unspoilt one.

    Expectations and opinions: It really met my expectations - More than expexted. It is a lovely island, very beautiful and still very Greek. Not too spoilt with tourism except from some places like Laganas.

    Favorite thing about Zakynthos: Island tour by sea. The beautiful blu waters and the unspoilt villages on the mountains.

    Negative opinion: It rained much (September) and not much to do then. Driving is dangerous there and more police is necessary.

    Recommendations: To the futur tourists, no, except to not stay at the resorts and to go discover the island and its mountainous villages. To the Zakynthos authorities, don't spoil it with too many more hotels/restaurants/bars.

    I won't go to Zakynthos again as I never go back to the same place twice. We would love to visit some other greek islands. I can see why people do come back. The Greeks are very friendly.

  • weston 18 Oct 2005
    Dose of sun, sea and good food
    Nationality: British

    Age: 42

    The trip: I flew from Birmingham airport and then taxi transfer to the hotel. The trip was fine.

    Reasons for going to Zakynthos: We came to Zante 2 years ago and stayed in Argassi. We really enjoyed it. So we decided to come back again but to another part of the island (Tsilivi)

    Idea before arriving: No idea, as we came before we knew already that the place was perfect for us.

    Expectations and opinions: It met our expectations of course. We love it. We are taking are dose of sun, sea and good food.

    Favorite thing about Zakynthos: The friendly people, eating out every day and the speed boat trip.

    Negative opinion: Nothing negative about Zante.

    Recommendations: You must go on the speedboat trip, it is great. The Hotel Petros is lovely.

    We hope to go to Zakynthos for a third time also.
  • maya 03 Oct 2005
    Unforgetable places
    Zakynthos Island in Greece is gorgeous.

    All those wonderful beaches, the turquoise waters, the sunshine, the verdant trees and the lovely villages?everything is perfect.

    The Shipwreck (the famous beach of Navagio) is really something. I also liked the long sandy beach of Laganas (9 kilometres of pure sand) but it was too crowded and I felt bad when I learned that it was where the sea turtles lead their eggs; poor turtles?

    I also made a trip around the island by small boat and visited the magical sea caves called the Blue Caves; with the reflection of the sun (passing by holes) on the sea, the walls of the caves are taking a superb blue colour. Really incredible.

    I saw so many wonderful places and had such a wonderful time that those holidays will stay in my mind for ever.
  • jim-care 27 Sep 2005
    Incredible beaches
    For me Zakynthos was a real paradise.

    I had never seen so beautiful beaches and so wonderful waters.

    If the rest of Greece is like that, I?m surely going to pass all my holidays there and my retirement.

    I went to the famous Navagio Beach by little boat and I couldn?t believe my eyes; it was a dreamy place with turquoise waters, white sand, rocky cliffs and the rest of a ship which had wrecked a long time ago.

    Really impressive! The other beaches of the island were very beautiful too. Really magical.
  • seymoor 23 Sep 2005
    Really friendly people!
    Nationality: English

    Age: 27

    The trip: I arrived by plane directly from the Uk and the trip was fine.

    Reasons for going to Zakynthos: Wanted to go to Greece and have been told by friends that it was lovely.

    Idea before arriving: Just that it would be hot and sunny with places to relax or nearby busier towns.

    Expectations and opinions: It really met my expectations and more. I loved this place. Much fun and no oppresion in any kind.

    Favorite thing about Zakynthos: The people were really friendly and the weather was amazing.

    Negative opinion: The quality of the roads / footpaths

    Recommendations: Absolutely visit the beaches arround the island and try the local food & wine. Try to learn some Greek words.

    I will definitely get back !!! Greece is a heaven for spending holidays!!!!
  • poxon 23 Sep 2005
    Expactations exceeded!
    Nationality: British

    Age: 33

    The trip: I arrived on the island of Zakynthos by plane. It was fast and efficient.

    Reasons for going to Zakynthos: I always wanted to go to Greece and Zakynthos was recommended by friends and family.

    Idea before arriving: I thought that the island would be small, quiet and unspoilt.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations and exceeded them.

    Favorite thing about Zakynthos: The friendliness of our hotel staff, local greek cuisine and the weather.

    Negative opinion: There hasn't been anything we have disliked about the island.

    Recommendations: No particular. Everything there is fine. Maybe too commercial in some resorts.

    I would love to go back in Zakynthos.

  • manolis-ka 10 Jul 2005
    A shame
    When I went to Zakynthos I was shocked by the fact that all the natural habitats of the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta have been turned into touristy beach resorts and are actually the places with the most people on it. What a shame! I know that there is a try to protect those place from destruction but a small part of the famous Laganas Beach has been closed and only recently. I think it?s a shame to have built so many hotels on this beach and to allowed so many people to walk on it and to let the motorboats trouble the sea. It?s not like if the island doesn?t have other beaches, it?s full of it. It?s really a shame and I hope that more measures will be taken to stop that.