Zakynthos Local products

The island of Zakynthos (Zante) is very fertile and produces a great variety of agricultural goods. The island is particularly famous for its olive and wines. There are a lot of similarities with the food in Zakynthos and the food in the other Ionian Islands but the island has its own specialties, such as stuffed chicken of rabbit, a dish of aubergine in garlic sauce called skordostoumbi melitzana, beef ragout and tsilipourlo, an Easter dish made from intestines and offal of baby goat or lamb.

Like all the Greek islands, the island of Zakynthos is very rich in seafood which is very fresh and of high quality. Tasty cheeses are also produced in Zakynthos, including ladotiri (oil cheese). Mouth-watering sweets can also be found such as mandolato and pasteli (caramelized sesame seeds with honey). The wines of Zakynthos are also famous for their great aroma and taste.