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Vathi Village Meganisi: Vathi is one of the main villages in Meganisi. It is located on the northeast coast of the island, at the end of an inlet. Vathi hosts a charming harbour with deep blue waters where fishing and sailing activities are conducted safely.

The quay filled with a large number of boats during the summer season presents a captivating panoramic view of the village. The village is quite picturesque with a maze of whitewashed houses and alleys and there are a few churches facing the sea. There are a number of taverns and restaurants offering delicious local food.

The locals in the village are involved in agricultural activities with a vast area of olive groves to cultivate. People are also involved in livestock farming, while sheep and goat milk are widely used in the island. Here you can see the remains of windmills, just the round stone built body that stand proudly on the hilltops and capes.

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