Meganisi Papanikolis Sea Cave

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Location: Vathy

Papanikolis sea cave: Archaeologists believe that the Cave of Papanikolis used to be the hideaway of a submarine. It is replete with many caves. Papanakolis Cave is ideally located on the island of Meganisi, which is a mere 12 nautical miles from Nydri village, Lefkada. The best way to reach the cave is by a boat cruise from Nidri and it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the cave.

This cave shot into prominence during World War II by virtue of being a secret hideaway for the submarine Papanikolis. The sheer magnitude of The cave is astounding. It is believed that the Papanikolis submarine would tuck up inside this mammoth cave after its blitzkrieg on the Italian armada. First-time visitors will live an awesome experience.

The remarkable Papanikolis Cave is actually the second largest cave in Greece. It is not an authentic sea cave, but a karst cave, and is presently partially inundated by the sea. This cave was much preferred by the ships that would drop anchor inside the cave during spells of inclement weather. This cave could easily accommodate even large shipping vessels with their flagstaff.

Levkas, in fact, is but a contemporary alteration of the momentous name Leukas, which literally means the white. And the entire island is indeed white when viewed from the Mediterranean Sea. This is due to the fact that a major part of the coastline is shaped out of white limestone cliffs. Papanikolis Cave happens to be located in one such white cliff and is conspicuous by its massive gateway to the southwest.

The cave takes a right turn, just at the rear of the gateway and extends to the southeast. At the extreme end, there is a miniature beach, and one can approach the beach on small-sized boats and undertake leisurely beach strolls.



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