Mathraki transportation

All transportations in Mathraki can be covered on foot. The small size of the island (only 3,1 and the even landscape makes it easy for visitors to walk around amidst the lush nature and above wonderful capes. As the highest peak of Mathraki is only 158m (Merovigli), this provides a flattish place for trekking.

It will not take you more that one hour to go from one side of the island to the other. Starting from the capital village, Chorio, or the port, Plakes, you can follow any paved path and visit the wonderful beaches.

There is no public bus on the island and you will encounter a few cars on the way. The most popular means to get around is by boat. As Mathraki has many natural coves and harbors, it will be easy to get a boat and discover the hidden beauties of Mathraki.

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