Most places to eat and drink in Lefkada are found in Nydri, Vassiliki and Lefkada Town, the three most popular villages on the island. Traditional taverns are also found in almost any village of the island and of course in the seaside villages of Agios Nikitas, Lygia, and Sivota. These taverns have local dishes and excellent fish food. For clubbing, visitors should head to Nydri, while nice lounge bars are found at the port of Lefkada Town. The rest of the villages have almost no night venues, except for few cafe bars in Vassiliki and Sivota.

Are you looking for places to eat and drink in Lefkada island? Here are some interesting suggestions to have a meal or dinner, enjoy a relaxing coffee and spend the night out in Lefkada. If you have visited any of these places, feel free to leave your feedback or upload their photos, if you have.