Kefalonia Gradou Waterfalls

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Location: Poros

Gradou Waterfalls in Kefalonia: The waterfalls of Gradou and Potisti are located in the southeastern part of Kefalonia. They can only be reached by hiking on a dirt road along the lush vegetation of the area, which creates a magnificent landscape to walk along. The start can be found on the coastal road that leads from Poros to Skala and can be noticed from the small stream that spills into the sea.

The waterfalls are an impressive sight as the water drops from a height of up to 30 meters, creating creeks on the bottom. They have the most water during spring months, while they usually dry up in summer. Visitors can also refresh themselves in the creeks when the weather permits, as the water is crystal-clear yet very cold. Gradou is also the name of the gorge the waterfalls are situated.



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