Kefalonia Dark Sky Park

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Location: Ainos

The Aenos Dark Sky Park in Kefalonia: Located inside the premises of the National Park of Mount Ainos, the Dark Sky Park offers a marvelous sight of a starry nighttime environment that is unrivaled with any other spot around the country! The Dark Sky Park is the first ever National Park of Greece to be specifically designed for dark sky exploration, as well as a candidate member of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).

Managed by the staff of Mt. Ainos National Park, the Dark Sky Park boasts its very own observatory and research center! The observatory complex on Mt. Ainos is administered by the Research Foundation of Kefalonia (which specializes in Robotic Astronomy), named Eudoxos.

Each year, selected dates are dedicated to arranging trips to the Dark Sky Park in order to make this experience more frequent and accessible to everyone. The ideal lighting has been put in place, and the local authorities always make sure that the lighting is just enough over the surrounding area to achieve the perfect dark sky! Plus, a plethora of plants and animals near the Dark Sky Park are active during the nighttime period, meaning hikers may encounter plenty of friendly wildlife visitors!



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