Kefalonia British Cemetery

Just near the north end of the Drapanos Bridge heading away from Argostoli Kefalonia, on the road to Lixouri, an old British cemetery lies among the pine and fir trees. The expanded village did not affect the peace and tranquility of the place. The cemetery is the final resting place for over two hundred British Servicemen, their families and many civilians who made Kefalonia their home and served the island in the armed forces. There was a gap of 29 years between the first two burials at the cemetery.

The first burial was that of Master Blackwell in 1681 whereas the next was that of Mr. John Genaros in 1710. The cemetery has an information board that maintains the history of the people resting there. For example, Mr. Genaros was from a prominent merchant family of Brol in England. His gravestone still exists near the south wall of the cemetery. The cemetery was damaged twice, once by an Italian bombing raid of Kefalonia in 1943, and later in 1953 by the earthquake.