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General information

Exogi Village Ithaca: Exogi (Out Land) is one of the oldest villages of Ithaca located 22 km north of Vathy, on the slopes of the Homeric Mountain of Neion, at an altitude of 340 metres.

The picturesque village is surrounded by a verdant landscape and is built amphitheatrically overlooking the bay and the neighbour islands. Exogi used to be one of the main villages of Ithaca during the middle Ages and the beginning of the Venetian period, due to its strategical position that protected the village from the pirates. When the pirate threat decreased, most of the inhabitants of the village moved to the coast and founded the villages of Stavros and Platrithias.

The main church of Exogi, the church of Agia Marina, is lovely and its feast day is celebrated on the 17th of July with live music, food, wine and dances on the beautiful main square of the village. A few rooms for rent and a cafe are available in the traditional and charming village of Exogi.

Exogi Map

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