Museums in Ithaca

Ithaca is famous since the ancient times as it is refereed by the ancient poet Homer in both his epics. The first traces of human presence on Ithaca date from the Neolithic times, however, the island played a major role in various periods of Greek history.

In Vathy, the capital of the island, visitors can see the Archaeological Museum which hosts a vast collection of findings from the ancient years, the Prehistoric and Roman times. Many items from the excavated sites of Pisaetos, Kioni and other regions of Ithaca are also on display.

Another archaeological collection can be viewed in Stavros, a mountainous village of Ithaca, where visitors will have a unique chance to admire pieces of pottery and ceramics, Hellenistic tombs and stone tools from various historical periods.

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Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Vathy is located in the capital of Ithaca, a short block back from the quay. The museum exhibits a collection of findings dating from the Geometric to the Roman period, brought to light by excavations in the area of Piso Aetos and various findings from the Geometric period coming from other parts of the island, especially from Loizos Cave in Polis Bay.
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Folklore and Nautical Museum

The Folklore and Nautical Museum of Ithaca are housed in a beautiful building, which was once a generating station. It is situated behind the Agricultural Bank in Vathy. This new museum presents life on Ithaca from the 19h century till present. It exhibits a fully assembled bedroom, kitchen and sitting room and photographs of the devastating earthquakes of 1953.
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Stavros Archaeological Collection

The Archaeological Collection of Stavros is housed in a small building on the road to Platrithias. The findings have been excavated in northern Ithaca and date from the Early Hellenic to the Roman Period.

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