Ithaca Stavros Archaeological Collection

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Location: Stavros
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The Archaeological Collection of Stavros in Ithaca Greece, Ionian: This Archaeological Collection houses findings from excavations in the wider region of Stavros and northern Ithaca. The building, which was originally constructed in 1930 and renovated in 1998, is small and has only one room. The exhibits date from the Prehistoric times (3rd millennium B.C.) till the Roman period.

These exhibits come from four locations on the island of Ithaca: the Loizos Cave, the hill of Pilikata, the village of Stavros and the location Tris Lagkades. They include pieces of pottery, ceramic vases, offerings from Classic and Hellenistic tombs, stone tools and the piece of a Hellenistic mask (2nd century B.C.) that reads Pray to Ulysses. This mask shows that Ulysses was worshiped as a hero or deity on the island. The Archaeological Collection of Stavros is found on the hill of Pilikata, on the road to the village Platrithias.



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