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General information

Palaia Peritheia (or Palea Peritheia or Palia Peritheia) in Corfu is one of the island's most beautiful settlements, situated in the heart of Mount Pantokrator, at the northwestern part of the island. A village that is partly ruined, all of Palaia Peritheia’s houses are stone-built according to the Venetian prototypes of the 17th century!

The well-hidden structures, placed over 400 meters above sea level, are the remains of some of the wealthiest buildings in Corfu (approximately 130 buildings), while some of them were semi-restored in the late 19th century. Some restoration works take place in the current day, too! Now a Designated Area of Natural Beauty and a protected heritage site, people cannot make grand changes to Palaia Peritheia’s landscape and village design.

Palia Peritheia got its name from the majestic church buildings and old chapels surrounding it (peri meaning around and theia meaning divine), including the stunning, pale-red bell tower of Agios Iakovos Persis near the entrance of the village! Plus, the old school building is a sight to behold.

Guests will encounter only a handful of restaurants in the village’s central square (serving Corfiot dishes and traditional local products), whereas a couple of settlements and holiday homes are also available for rent. A peaceful place for the holiday season, Palia Peritheia was permanently abandoned around the 1960s until a more recent effort to revive and showcase the village’s beauties took place!

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