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Volunteer holidays in Greece is a great way to spend your holiday time. Voluntarism is a recently popular and enjoyable way to get to know the sight and sounds of a destination and at the same time work on your own chosen field of interest. Even though the time at hand is not unlimited, there is a sense of accomplishment in having covered both work and leisure.

Although volunteer holidays will offer you a lot of working experience in something you enjoy, it also offers you only a few of the basic amenities. A volunteer on trip will most likely have to share a room with another person, manage food since that is rarely covered and have no health insurance. Nonetheless, a volunteer will have the pleasure to combine work and vacations.

About 1200 volunteer organizations are present in Greece today. The majority of these volunteer organizations in Greece (90%) are non-profit organizations funded to an extent by private contributions (70%) and state subsidies (30%). Of the three categories of organizations making up voluntarism, philanthropic (65%) is the foremost while environmental and cultural constitute the rest. Young people are the more sensitive but less adaptive to social changes. However, it is they who are most easily motivated to offer voluntarism work.

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Volunteer programs in Greece are various. Hereby we mention only a few volunteer organizations that might give you the opportunity to spend an enjoyable holiday while doing something good for you and the rest of the society.

Volunteer holiday organizations

Protection of the Sea Turtle

Archelon is an organization established in 1983 and its main objective is the protection of the Mediterranean Sea Turtle, also known as caretta-caretta, that comes in summer in various beaches of Greece to lay its eggs. Archelon is largely based on voluntary work all year round and in fact it runs some of the most popular volunteer programs in Greece. Volunteer work includes nest management, habitat protection, maintenance duties and public awareness. Rescue centres of Archelon are found in Zakynthos, southern Peloponnese and Crete.
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Observation of Dolphins in Greece

This program works since 1991 and lasts for about 2 weeks, from June to October. Scientists and volunteers have their base in the charming village of Vonitsa in western Greece and they study the life of the endangered Mediterranean dolphin. You will have the chance to get in touch with the natural environment and try to protect it. The membership is free and the volunteers must be over 18, speak English and be in good health to tolerate burning sun and hot temperatures.
More info at: Earthwatch Dolphins of Greece

Community work and workcamps by Elix

Elix is a very active voluntary team in Greece that organizes various workcamps every summer, from participation in local festivals and research groups to social work in children institutions, tree planting and beach cleaning.
More details at: Elix Volunteer Programs

Teaching English to Greek students

This program addresses to native English speakers who have the ability to transmit their language knowledge to other people. In fact, this program which works since 1984 was founded to help unprivileged young Greek students and adults to study English and learn the English culture from first hand. It lasts for about 2 weeks and is organized all year round.
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Rescuing animals in Kos

Animal Rescue Kos is a Greek charitable organization located on Kos island. Its members have been in action for more than 10 years supplying food and medicine to stray animals. This organization also offers volunteer holidays programmes, including educational programmes, rehabilitation programmes and sanctuary building projects.
More info at: Animal Rescue Kos

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