Photography holidays in Greece & the islands

There is certainly no better place for a photographer than Greece: fantastic landscapes, wonderful natural light and hospitable people to pose, if you are shooting portraits. This is why photography holidays in Greece are getting so popular over the last years, just because this country has the whole package! A walk around a town or place will get you to thousands of photo themes that move every photographer. Your steps will bring you to breathtaking sunrises, hilltops with fantastic view, gorgeous nature, white sugar houses with gardens, cats laying at the sun, friendly people sitting in the front yard, old chapels, and so many other scenes that look like coming out from another era.

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Best season for photoshooting in Greece

Every landscape photographer knows that the best hours for photoshooting is early in the morning and late in the afternoon, when the sun light is soft and not as strong as in the midday. The best seasons for taking photos in Greece is spring and early autumn, when the day is long and the weather is certainly sunnier than winter. There may be some storms or clouds in Greece in spring and early autumn months, but generally the weather is great and sunny. Summer is also a great time for Greece photo shooting, but the towns and locations are busier in peak hours.

Photography tips

The most important tip for taking photos in Greece is to check the weather forecast from the day before. In summer and autumn, sudden storms could break out in the afternoon, although this is not a frequent case. Of course, this weather change could end up into a very interesting theme for a landscape photographer. In general, the weather is all sunny and bright in Greece from April to October, with some sudden exceptions. Also the best hours for landscape photoshooting is early morning, when the large crowds are still sleeping.

Greece is also a great change to use all your camera tools: your tripod, wide angle lens and filters. This is a fantastic country for dramatic photos with depth, especially from hilltops with sea view.

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Photography courses in Greece

Greece photography holidays is a quickly developing tourism section. Many people travel to the islands to take part in photo courses, where experienced and licensed photographers guide them around beautiful locations and show them how to use their camera to shoot wonderful pictures. Some photo courses may be special, such as night photo shooting or wedding photography. Photography holidays in Greece are usually combined with other types of holiday, such as walking or archaeology holiday.

Here are some companies that provide photography courses:

Ollie Taylor Workshops: Photography Holidays and private tuition offered by international award-winning landscape and nightscape photographer, Ollie Taylor. Learn how to take high end landscapes, nightscapes and astrophotography images on Santorini island and the surround Cyclade Islands.

Greece Photo Workshops is an upscale photography holiday initiative for people who share a passion for travel, photography and sophisticated living. It’s an idea that encompasses more than just travel, stay and photography.

Find more photography workshops in our section about workshops.

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