Epirus Weather

Information about the Weather in Epirus, in Greece but also information about the weather in many locations of the group (average temperatures and forecast): The weather conditions of Epirus vary depending on the region while it takes up a huge area from the mountains of Pindus to the coastal areas of Arta and Preveza. The mountainous regions of Epirus are characterized by real heavy winters with a lot of snow and rain which lead to low temperatures (even -11°C) in many regions of Zagoria. The summer in these regions is cool and rain often occurs.

The coastal hand plain areas of Epirus are characterized by a milder climate where temperatures are rarely below zero. The summer months are hot and the weather is the typical Mediterranean with not so much rain but lots of sunlight. During the rainy days, Epirus reveals some strong aromas coming from nature.

Weather in each region

Information about the weather in the regions of Epirus: