Museums in Parga

Of great interest in Parga is the restored Olive Oil Factory which opened its doors in 2012. The museum travels you back to the industrial period of Parga presenting the traditional means of olive oil production offering visitors the chance to learn the secrets of olive oil, one of the most famous Greek products.

The Ecclesiastical Museum is found in the heart of Parga, next to the church of Agioi Apostoloi. Part of its lavish collection includes two gospels from the 17th century, precious icons and other rare books. Of unique interest though is the 300-year-old banner of Parga, made of red silk. Here you can admire the holy icon of Panagia Vlacherna.

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Olive Oil Factory

The Paragaea-Parga Old Olive Oil Factory is a private museum that opened its doors in June 2012. It is housed in a restored olive oil press and shows the process of olive making using traditional tools and machinery.

Ecclesiastical Museum

The Ecclesiastical Museum is located next to the church of Agioi Apostoli, in the city center of Parga. It hosts many valuable items, such as rare books, holy gospels, church items and the 300-year-old banner of the town.

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