Parga Geography

Parga is a lovely seaside town in the region of Epirus, on the northwestern side of Greece. Although this is a mainland town, its colors and ambiance give it the sense of an island. Parga is amphitheatrically built around a small port. Surrounded by the lush greenery of pine trees and olive groves, this small town faces some islets that stand opposite the port. The geography of Parga distinguishes for the abundant greenery and the crystal beaches. The long beaches, the soft sand, and the exotic water make this region very popular.

Most famous and beautiful beaches of Parga include Valtos, Lichnos, and Sarakiniko. Many other small and unorganized coves can be found on the way. Apart from a wonderful coastline and rich history, Parga also has lovely villages on the island. Located along the slopes of the mountains, these villages stand for their traditional architecture and rural life.

About 40 minutes drive from Parga, there is a place of natural beauty and mythological interest: the springs of Acherontas, a river that led to the Underworld, according to Greek mythology. Regular boats make a tour of this lovely lake with the waterfalls and the plane trees. The region of Parga offers wonderful landscape themes both in the inland and around the coastline.

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