Parga Local products

Parga is a traditional town with high-quality local products. The residents of Parga produce a large amount of virgin olive oil. The vast areas of olive trees that characterize Parga were planted in the 15th century by the Venetians. The trade of olive oil started to develop a long time ago and this product is still of great quality in our days. Another important product of Parga is soap, made from natural olive bio-products.

The town has some other types of trees, such as citrus trees that give mainly oranges and lemons. Parga also offers good herbs, mostly spices, and aromatic herbs, like mint, oregano, and herbs for tea. They are locally grown, dried and sold in the shops scattered along the town.

Wood carvings are also traditional items, made from the olive tree wood. These carvings are sold almost everywhere in the town, along with pieces of handmade embroidery and knitwear, which are known for their quality and their intricate designs. Finally, Parga hosts some ouzo distilleries, which produce cherry liqueurs, kumquat (a traditional liqueur from Corfu) and brandy.