Eastern Aegean products

Eastern Aegean products

Information about the local Products of Eastern Aegean islands, in Greece but also information about local products in many islands of the group: Olive oil, honey, aromatic herbs, cheese and fish are some important Eastern Aegean products. Particularly, Lesvos island offers visitors a wide variety of products known for their excellent quality. The beautiful bay of Kalloni is famous for its fishing tradition and mostly the sardines. The most famous Lesvian product is Ouzo.

Only a few steps away from the Turkish coasts is Chios island, the mastic island. The unique products of this island include the mastic, olive oil, wine and figs which are famous for the good taste and fine quality. The production of white cheese is also met in the Eastern Aegean islands and comes from the Venetian times. Plenty of traditional handmade sweets, candies, gums and other recipes are made with mastic, a product which has gained worldwide recognition. Samos, on the other hand maintains its fine reputation in the wine production, as Samian wine was the first Greek wine to be recognized by the Wine Authority.

The history of ceramic art in Eastern Aegean islands since the ancient times has provided the islands with a great amount of tools used by the local craftsmen of those days. Today, the islands of Eastern Aegean have developed a huge network of ceramic workshops to promote the ceramic creations. Ceramic art is an integral part of Eastern Aegean culture and deeply rooted in the past. A large selection of pottery can be seen in these islands. Eastern Aegean products are famous in all over the Greek country.

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