Thassos Map

Thassos is one of the least-known islands in Greece located at the northern tip of the Eastern Aegean, right opposite Kavala. The island is characterized by rich vegetation, exotic beaches, and imposing mountains. Due to this unique environment, Thassos suggests a plethora of activities like hiking, trekking, fishing and diving for those seeking adventurous vacation.

The deeply rooted tradition of Thassos is highlighted in its surrounding settlements with the picturesque houses, beautiful paths and warm atmosphere. Theologos and Panagia are characteristic examples, being the oldest villages of Thassos featuring traditional mansions, old fountains and small squares which complete its quaint aspect.

This section proposes a map of Thassos with all the major locations of the island.

Meanwhile, view a map of Thassos and where is Thassos.

Map Of Thassos