Lesvos Vassilika

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General information

Vassilika village Lesvos: Vassilika is a traditional mountainous village built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill. It is located 36 km west of Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos and close to Polichnitos village. Vassilika (meaning royal in Greek) was actually a place of exile for the royal families during the Byzantine times. Today, it counts on 560 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in farming and agriculture. The village is mostly famous for the thermal baths.

It was first inhabited in the 17th century after the Turkish attack. The village consists of simple traditional houses with unique details and narrow streets adorned with colourful flowers. The mountainous village has a big plain with running water. The road that leads to the village is quite magnificent, surrounded with tall pine trees, olive groves and lush vegetation. Vassilika distinguishes for the natural beauty and the greenery landscape.

One of the main attractions of this "royal " village includes the old school building and the beautiful church dedicated to Virgin Mary. Kalloni is a coastal settlement, close to the village famous for its Byzantine castle.

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