Lesvos Local products

Lesvos is famous for a wide range of traditional products that grow on this land. Many of these products of Lesvos are displayed in the local shops whether it is for gastronomic purposes, delicious sweets, beauty oils, aromatic soaps, spoon sweets, ceramic pots, wood carved pieces, fruits and vegetables and many other.

The island is well-known for the fine ouzo, the local drinks of Greeks which accompanies the food of Lesvos cuisine. it is produced in many varieties. The incomparable taste and flavor of olive oil is a real gift of nature. In Lesvos, there are more than 11,000,000 olive trees and endless cultivation areas around the island. The olive oil of Lesvos has been awarded many times in international exhibitions for its excellent quality.

Lesvos is also known for its long tradition in cheese production and particularly ladotyri, feta (hard cream cheese) and kaseri (yellow cheese with a spicy flavor)an ideal appetizer. The salted anchovies of Kalloni are the most famous product in Lesvos offered in many waterfront taverns and restaurants around the island. One of the best products in the world is definitely honey, which is also available in many parts of Lesvos.

The folklore tradition of Lesvos is still maintained by the locals. A wide variety of ceramic pots and other pieces can be found in the local workshops scattered in the town. Woodcarving is also an art that survives in Lesvos. The women in the island of Lesvos are involved in the art of weaving and cooking creating some beautiful embroidery pieces that can last for a lifetime as well as delicious traditional recipes passed from generation to generation.