Introduction & General Information

Lesvos island is famous for producing the best ouzo of Greece and for being the land of the famous Greek female poet Sappho, who lived in the 7th century BC and wrote wonderful poems about her lesbian relationships as well as hymns, love songs, and poems on various themes. Lesvos is also the birthplace of the writer Aesop, of the philosophers Aristotle and Epicurus, of the famous poet Odysseas Elytis and of the painter Theophilos.

From the first time, while the ferry approaches the port and the small statue of Liberty, you will feel amazed. Apart from its rich cultural background, the island of Lesvos has a lot to offer: amazing medieval and Ottoman architecture, impressive landscapes, beautiful beaches, nice thermal springs, many sea caves, and lush green nature. In fact, a popular activity on Lesvos is birdwatching.

The architecture of the island has also many important structures to show, such as the buildings of the old port authority, the National Bank, a female school, Tarsi Hammam, numerous churches and two castles, one in Mytilene and the other in Molyvos.