Lesvos Statue of Asia Minor Mother

The Statue of the Asia Minor Mother in Lesvos: The statue of the Asia Minor Mother is found on the waterfront of Epano Skala, in Mytilene town. The statue represents a mother keeping a baby in her hug while a young boy and a young girl are holding from her legs. This statue is dedicated to the strong and brave mothers from Asia Minor who came to Lesvos to make a new start. It was donated by the Asia Minor refugees, who are a lot on the island and form a strong community there.

In particular, in 1922, the Greeks living in Asia Minor were banished by force from their homeland and had to find a shelter in Greece. The first places to go were the island of Lesvos and Chios, which are just opposite the Asia Minor towns. While these people were prosperous in Asia Minor, when they came to Greece, they had almost nothing as they had lost their fortune. They had no place to live, no comforts, no money with them.

Most of them were young women with children, as their men had lost their lives in Asia Minor or had been caught war prisoners by Turkey. From a prosperous and comfortable life, these women suddenly found themselves and their children living in the street. So, they soon understood that they had to rebuild their lives: they had to make their living alone, take care of their children and work hard in a strange environment, facing a lot of difficulties and occasional precautions.

Their brave figure became a symbol for all the Asia Minor refugees and they were much respected. To honor them and their contribution to the Greek society, the associations of the Asia Minor refugees have established many statues along Greece dedicated to them.