Fourni Geography

Fourni is an island complex of the Eastern Aegean, with history counting over the last two centuries. It is located between two islands, southwest of Samos and southeast of Ikaria. The complex of Fourni consists of three small islets (Fourni, Thimena and Agios Minas) and ten rocky islands. Fourni is a fishing place adorned by a beautiful coastline of 126 km. Actually, its coastline is even larger than Samos. It has a total area of 44,3 sq km. due to the many small and uninhabited islets that belong to the complex of Fourni.

The capital of Fourni is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Korakas Mountain at an altitude of 514 meters and around a small port. The island complex of Fourni is a strategic place in the Mediterranean and has been included in Natura 2000. In fact, the locals have one of the largest fishing fleets in Greece and the region is an important biotope for the seabirds. Although the landscape of Fourni is rocky and mountainous, the island is surrounded by pristine beaches with crystal water.

The geography of Fourni is characterized by its secluded bays. Most beaches are remote, rocky and small in size. Also, most of them have to be accessed on foot or by boat. This is why visitors are most likely to be alone there, even in high season. Most remote beaches can also be found in the neighboring island of Thimena, opposite Fourni, as well as in the uninhabited islets of the complex, like Agios Minas or Thimenaki. To go there, visitors must hire a boat.

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