Museums in Simi

In the beautiful Town of Simi where thousands of visitors travel every year, there are two small museums, presenting the history of the island.

The Archaeological Collection of Simi is housed in a traditional Symian mansion, in Ano Symi. Entering the museum are many amphorae and sculptures from the various periods. The exhibition is spread out in the five rooms of the house and includes findings from the Hellenistic, Classical, Roman and Byzantine period with many items of folk art.

The Museum of Naval Art is housed in one of the most beautiful neoclassical buildings of Symi. It is well-equipped with naval accessories, diving machinery, and shipyard tools. Symi used to be an important port and it owns a great naval history. There is a special section dedicated to sponge diving.

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Nautical Museum

The Nautical Museum is located in Gialos. It hosts ship models, old maps and compasses, maritime instruments, old diving uniforms and many other items that depict the long nautical history of the island.

Archaeological and Folklore Museum


The Archaeological Museum of Simi is housed in an elegant Venetian mansion in the Town. The archaeological collection includes Hellenistic sculpture, ancient coins, grave offerings, and small statues. The same mansion also houses the Folklore Museum, which exhibits rare Byzantine manuscripts, musical instruments, traditional clothes, and other items.

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