Usually the first thing that comes into mind of those who have some knowledge about Simi are the sea sponges.

Another nice speciality of the island is its herbs, such as thyme, sage and oregano, among others. These grow wild on the hills, providing a great fragrance when walking along them.

In general, the shops or stalls that sell these herbs also sell Greek spices, like saffron, as well as some herb scented articles, olive oils, and Ouzo -a traditional anise flavoured liqueur. In many cases, it is possible to buy these in nice packages or decorative bottles that are ready to be given as a gift. In addition, Simi counts also on good ceramics and textiles.

Shopping on Simi can be a great experience when knowing what to look for. Apart from the typical tourist shops, the native products of the island are worth to be enjoyed. Sponges, wild herbs and tasteful honey, can be easily found on the available shops, while the sweet pastry can be tried at the local bakeries, although it may be necessary to ask the locals about their hidden locations in some cases.