Churches in Simi

Simi is home to spectacular spiritual sites that preserve their sacred character through the ages. Churches with mosaic floors and dozens of Byzantine chapels are scattered in the town and the villages of the island. Today most of them are closed.

One of the best examples of ecclesiastical architecture is the monastery of Archangel Michael located in the seafront of Panormitis village. Its interior is adorned with Byzantine frescoes and the monastery's library includes a fine collection of books and manuscripts from the 16th, 17th and 18th century. The sanctuary contains offerings from all Symiots. Today two museums are hosted within its premises that display ecclesiastical objects and an excellent exhibition of folklore art.

The oldest monastery of Symi is the Monastery of Michael Roukouniotis built by the Knights of St. John in the 14th century over the ancient ruins of a 5th-century monastery. It is located close to Chora right next to a 100-year old tree. On the highest point of the hill, close to the medieval castle lies the small chapel Virgin of Our Lady.

Other lovely churches found in the wider area of Symi are Agios Ioannis Tsangrias and Agia Marina Neras (15th century).