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Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and the fourth largest island in Greece, after Crete, Evia and Lesvos. Known for its stunning natural landscapes, beautiful beaches, and rich ancient history, it has long been one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Tourism is very developed, especially on the northern side of the island, and peaks from May to October. Every year thousands of people visit Rhodes, from young crowds looking for a fun holiday to couples and families craving a relaxing getaway.

There is a tourist office in the capital city of Rhodes where visitors can collect all the information about the island and their vacation. It is located in the port near the travel agencies. There is also a tourist police that offers immediate assistance to tourists.

The capital city, Rhodes Town, is divided into two distinct parts. The Old Town is a time capsule of well-preserved medieval architecture, ruins and relics, and the New Town is a contemporary resort boasting an impressive and advanced tourist infrastructure.

The most important historical monuments of the island are all found in the Old Town. Located within a 4-kilometer wall, the Old, or Medieval, Town was built in the 13th century by the Knights of Saint John in a semicircle around the main harbor. The once strongly fortified city is now a lively neighborhood of about 6000 people and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988.

Entering the town, one should first make sure to walk along the Street of the Knights, an immaculately preserved cobblestone path that will transport you right back to medieval times. At the end of the street lies the Palace of the Grand Master, a magnificent structure that once served as the administrative center of the Order of the Knights of Saint John. Another must-visit is the imposing Clock Tower which offers a stunning panoramic view of the whole town, as it is located at its highest point. In the heart of the town also stands the pink-colored Suleymaniye Mosque, its impressive minaret piercing the sky and serving as a stoic tribute to Sultan Suleiman’s triumphs. Lastly, the Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum each boast a vast display of heritage items and finds that encapsulate the deep and varied history of Rhodes.

On the other hand, the New Town provides visitors with a vast range of modern facilities and enjoyable experiences. Perfect for family visits, the Rhodes Aquarium is located in the northernmost part of the island and provides natural living conditions for some of the most interesting specimens of the Mediterranean, from reefs and sea flowers to fish and octopuses. For a more leisurely experience, one can spend some time walking through Rodini, a beautiful park on the south side of town, notable for the peacocks that live there.

Alternatively, visitors can spend their day relaxing at one of Rhodes’ wonderful beaches. The popular Elli Beach is just a short walking distance from the city center, boasting crystal clear waters, sandy shores and a variety of top-of-the-line beach bars. Its neighboring beach, Miaouli Beach, is just as well-organized. Other popular choices include Lindos Beach (Megali Paralia and Limanaki Agios Pavlos) and Ladiko Beach. Finally, Kato Petres Beach is a much more humble option, its secluded location making for a most romantic spot, perfect for when the sun begins to set.

Last but not least, Rhodes houses a wide array of restaurants that are sure to satisfy different tastes. From rustic traditional Greek dishes to gourmet options, there is something here for everyone. Wherever you go, make sure to not miss out on trying some of the island’s most popular culinary offerings, like pitaroudia, oven-baked kolokoudi, and amarangoi. For a lively night out, visit Hippocrates Square in Rhodes Town, where nightlife is lively as many lounge bars and nightclubs reside there. Faliraki is another popular clubbing spot, while Lindos offers an array of quieter bars with a more romantic atmosphere.

While in Rhodes, you can make your way around the different spots of interest by bus, with frequent bus routes coming and going from the central bus stop located right inside Rhodes Town. There are also car rentals available, which should be booked in advance as they are in high demand, especially during peak season. But perhaps the best choice for exploring the island is an organized tour, which provides you with a bus and a well-trained local guide that will take you through some of the most marvelous views and magnificent areas in all of Rhodes.



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