Rhodes University

The University of Rhodes Greece: The University of Rhodes is a department of the University of the Aegean, which also has departments in the other Aegean islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, and Syros. The University of the Aegean is one of the most recent universities in Greece and was established in 1984 as a continuation of the original vision of Professor Constantine Caratheodory, who had proposed the founding of a new university, to have been named the Aegean University, just after the First World War.

Rhodes University is situated in one of the richest Greek cities in terms of cultural heritage, history and natural beauty, including many medieval monuments considered as valuable world heritage sites. It hosts the School of Humanities which has the departments of Primary Education, sciences of Pre-School Education and Mediterranean Studies. The School of Humanities is housed in two large two-storied buildings, the former School of Constabulary and the former Kazarma Reggina. It has over 3,000 students, including undergraduates, master students, and Ph.D. candidates.

The Library of Rhodes University, which functions since 1986, is a unit of the Library of the Aegean University with its central administrative unit located at Mytilene, on the island of Lesvos. The Library caters to the needs of the students, the researchers and the general public. The Library stocks a large number of volumes, local and national newspapers, foreign and Greek magazines, as well as music CDs and Ph.D. theses.

Rhodes University reflects the nature, aims, and achievements of its parent, the Aegean University, as a socially committed and innovative research-oriented institution of international standards. The University has highly qualified and experienced teaching staff with research expertise, affiliation to international institutions and frequent student-exchange programs. Rhodes University is an integral part of the concept of the University Network, espoused by the University of the Aegean.