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Agriolivado Beach Patmos: This small and secluded beach is located 8 km from Chora and 3 km north of Skala, the main port of Patmos. The beach consists of sand and pebbles while it is surrounded by lush vegetation. Waters are always calm, clean with a crystalline appearance. Along the coast lie many sunbeds and umbrellas to protect you from the sun and offer you a relaxing sunbathing.

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  • tontsa 25 Aug 2008
    Agriolivado is a relaxing beach
    Agriolivado is very easy to go and close to Skala, that is why we were frequent visitors there. The area around was very green and the water too clean. If you are lucky, you will find some umbrellas and beds to lay. Otherwise, you can just swim and have a coffee at the seaside cafeterias, which are enough around the coast. Relaxing beach! Have a nice time!!