Museums in Leros

Leros is home to have many historical sites but its rich history is well-guarded in the local museums. Of unique interest is the Archaeological Museum of Leros, located in Agia Marina. The guests have the chance to admire some exquisite findings that depict the various historical periods of the island (Hellenistic, Geometric and Classical period) including inscriptions, marble columns, mosaics, and vessels.

It is worth to see the Bellenis Tower, the two-storey stone building which blends the medieval and neoclassical elements in Allinda village. Today, it houses the Historical and Folklore Museum of Leros, an ideal place to get a taste from the traditional life of Leros in the old days through a great collection of items from World War II and the local tradition the island, furniture, embroidery, musical instruments and pieces of wooden sculpture. Portraits and a great photo archive can also be viewed.

The War Museum of Leros pays a tribute to the history of the island during the World War II. Those who visit the museum, in Lakki will live a unique experience walking the dark corridors of the tunnel where the museum is housed. Guns, bombs and various documentation are on display.

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Leros which lies within the fortress of Panagia brings light into the ecclesiastical aspect of the island. The museum introduces a unique selection of Byzantine icons, manuscripts, and vestments as well as some ceramic vessels and statuettes from the archaeological collection.