Leros Deposito Di Guerra - War Material Museum

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Location: Vromolithos
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Located in the central part of Leros, the military museum Deposito Di Guerra is a true gem, allowing you to travel back to the past and unravel the island's fascinating history, from the Venetian Occupation period onwards, focusing on WW2 and the Battle of Leros in 1943.

The war museum exhibits a private collection of interesting findings that have been treasured for many years in an attempt to preserve the island's heritage.
It consists of over 3000 objects in total, including weapon artifacts, photographs, military personal items and other war-related materials that were retrieved after the 54-day-long bombardment that took place during the Battle of Leros.

Visiting Deposito Di Guerra is a must for all military history enthusiasts!

The museum operates from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 - 13:00 and 18:00 - 20:00.



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