Kos Thermal Springs

The Thermal Springs of Kos, in the Dodecanese: In the location of Agios Fokas, there is a sea-pool with hot springs, known as the thermes. The place is well known as one of the most outstanding places on Kos. In order to get there, it is necessary to go across the East beach and pass Psalidi cape, as well as Agios Fokas cape. In the case of Agios Fokas, its cape is a steep arm coming from a 75 height from the sea level hill. In that location, there used to be also a small church dedicated to Agios Fokas, which dated around the Byzantine period, and at approximately 3 km away from there, the Thermes are currently organized as a true summer resort.

In the case of Kos thermal baths, they are placed at the end of a 250 meter-long pebbled beach, surrounded by a rock pool. In this pool, hot water is usually ranging between 42oC and 50oC. When it mixes with the water coming from the sea, it produces a nice warm bath. According to what some locals advice, the best part of the pool to start with is the one at the back left, where the water is not so warm. Then, one can gradually move towards hotter waters.

The warmest spring comes from a fissured rock, placed on the right side of a shore. It is advisable for tourists to remember that the pool has a considerable size, so the temperature can vary a lot depending on their location. However, anywhere of the pool will always be warmer than in the sea. Referring to its properties, the Thermes of Kos have been tested in order to establish if they are curative apart from being pleasant. According to studies, those waters have healing features for skin ailments cases.