Kos Antimachia Venetian Castle

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Location: Antimachia

The Castle of Antimachia in Kos: On a small hill above Antimachia village, to the south of Kos Town lies the Venetian Castle, known as the Castle of Antimachia. It was built in the early 14th century by the Order of the Knights of Saint John but works were intensified at the end of the 15th century, particularly in 1494 as it can be seen at the inscription above the main gate.

The external fortifications of the Castle stand strong to this day, although many centuries have passed and they have suffered numerous attacks. The only entrance to the Castle is found on its northern side and it is protected by double gates. Above the entrance, there is the symbol of the Knights engraved in marble.

Inside the Castle, there are not many things to see apart from two Venetian churches, the church of Agios Nikolaos dating from the 16th century and the church of Agia Paraskevi, built in early 18th century. Some remains of cisterns and houses also survive but there are not in very good state, as you can see only their foundations. From the Castle, you can have nice views of the surrounding area and the sea.



2 Reviews
  • John Bedford 13 Apr 2021
    Fabulous castle

    I visited this in 2019. It's a fabulous castle and well worth a visit. It has aged over time but you can still appreciate its scale and how it presence must have put fear into all who opposed the Knights of St John who built it. Pity Kos does not make more of this attraction and do some sympathetic restoration.

  • Alexander 29 Aug 2020

    Very beautiful views of the ilsland and the sea