Kos Traditional Windmill

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Location: Antimachia

The Windmill of Antimacheia in Kos Dodecanese, Greece: Antimacheia is a village placed at 5 km inland from the coastal town of Mastichari, and it is 25 km away from Kos Town. Although it has many interesting places to visit, its main attraction is a large windmill, the last one still in use on the whole island. Taking into account the long tradition of windmills on Kos, most tourists want to see and photograph this last remaining. In fact, the wind power given by the altitude of this island has been widely taken advantage of for agriculture purposes for centuries, to the point that before the Second World War, the medium-sized village of Antimacheia counted on approximately 100 windmills.

Unfortunately, just one survived in this village, while some others remain in the villages of Pyli, Kefalo, and Asfendiou, among others. However, these are not currently in use, which increases the value of the one in Antimacheia, which is 205 years old. In spite of the large size appreciated from the outside, once inside it looks small, but in general terms, visitors do not want to miss the opportunity of getting in.

In the year 2000, the windmill of Antimacheia was renovated in order to offer visitors a more beautiful view, apart from keeping the tradition alive. It is located at a small square in the center. It is currently working as a museum that disposes of the lifestyle of past ages. Beyond all these interesting features, Antimacheia is not a tourist spot at all, yet it is a picturesque village with typical Greek whitewashed houses, full of flowers and taverns offering the tasteful local food, that many people discover thanks to its famous windmill.



1 Reviews
  • J 30 Nov 2022
    Windmill visit
    Well worth a visit to see it in action. Millstone rotates a lot faster than expected.