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General information

Psoraris Beach Karpathos: Psoraris is located 20 km southwest of Pigadia, the capital of Karpathos. It is a secluded beach with absolutely no facilities, like canteens, umbrellas, sundecks or even drinkable water. It is an ideal destination though for the lovers of solitude who want to enjoy some peaceful moments in this serene environment. The surrounding region is rocky with very short vegetation. Access to this beach can only achieved by private means.

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1 Review
  • garrecel 19 Jun 2008
    Too much isolated
    Psoraris nice but nothing very special. If you enjoy isolation, go, as you may find yourself alone in a very long beach, espacially if it is May or June, where the island does not recieve many tourists. But if you are looking for beach bars and umbrellas, like we do, avoid Psoraris. The waters though are great and the view of the beach from the hill is woderful. But again too much isolation.