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Maltezana Beach Astypalea: The Maltezana Beach (also called Analipsi) is one of the most crowded resorts in the island of Astypalea located 9 km south of the beautiful Chora, the island's capital and main port. The beach ownes its name to the Maltese pirates, who had made their outpost on the sheltered bays of the island. There is also a memorial of a French admiral, who, when attacked by the pirates, killed himself by setting fire to the powder store of his warship. He preferred to die rather than risk capture by pirates.

The pebbled beach of Maltezana has a rocky coastline that consists of numerous bays, some of which are totally secluded, and each one of them is a little private paradise itself. There are boats that can take you from Matezana beach to the other bays and islets of the island, such as Agia Kiriaki, Chondro and Ligno.

The picturesque village (also called Maltezana) that hugs the bay is peppered with quaint chapels and whitewashed cubical houses with colorful balconies standing over winding streets and alleyways. The flower filled-forecourts, vineyards and orchard stretch right down to the edge of the bay with its long jetty where fishing caiques moor, adding rich colors to the coastal landscape. Close to the beach one can visit the well-preserved Tallaras Baths (Hellenistic baths) with their blue and terracotta mosaics depicting the zodiacs and the seasons of the year.

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