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Agios Sostis Beach Tinos: Agios Sostis beach is located 6 km southeast of Tinos Town. It is one of the most popular beaches on Tinos with amazing crystalline water, soft sand and beautiful surrounding with tree offering plenty of shade. There is a beach bar and a couple of taverns within a walking distance from the beach.

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  • vasopati 05 Sep 2010
    Very beautiful and close to the town
    Very large sandy beach. Be sure to go on the left side of the beach. It's much better.
  • rossge 04 Aug 2008
    Protect beaches like these
    Agios Sostis is one of the most crowded beaches on Tinos. It attracts a lot of visitors with its clean water and fine sand. The surrounding is nice, for the time being. However, there are many hotels and taverns there that if they get expanded, they will ruin the atmosphere. You Greeks should be careful of your beaches and islands. Do not allow overbuilding and protect the natural settings. As Agios Sostis is close to Tinos town, there is a frequent bus that goes there, in case you do not want to rent.