Tinos Agia Thalassa beach

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General information

Agia Thalassa is a secluded, not organized beach on the north coast of Tinos.
In order to reach the beach, you have to drive a 2 km unpaved road from Panormos or take the path, that leads to the beach on foot.
The beach is sandy and most of the time has calm waters even on windy days.
There are numerous tamarisk trees that offer shade and a picturesque chapel of "Agios Nikolaos o Thalassinos".
If you continue walking a few meters further you will encounter Kavaroulko beach which is even more remote and secluded.
On the rock formations that are at the end of the beach, there is a carved head of Aelos the God of winds, created by an Italian artist.

Agia Thalassa Map

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