Santorini Weather

The weather of Santorini is much the same as for most of the islands of the Cyclades: hot sunny summers and dry winters with very few rainfalls.
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The weather is nice and sunny during the tourist season, from April to September. Santorini has only a very few cloudy days before September. On some days the weather is so clear that, depending on the humidity of the atmosphere, even the mountains of the island of Crete, 70 nautical miles away from Santorini, can be seen.

Average Air Temperature in Santorini (in °C)
  April May June July August September October
Air high 18 23 27 29 29 26 23
Air low 13 17 21 23 23 21 18

Weather in Santorini per month

January in Santorini: This is the winter season in Greece. The weather is cold and it can be rainy and windy. The island is very quiet and most hotels and restaurants are closed.

February in Santorini: This is the winter season and February is considered as the coldest month.

March in Santorini: This is the beginning of spring and the weather starts to change with more sun but the temperatures are still cold. When it is not cloudy or raining, the sun is really hot and enjoyable but the temperatures are still low in the shadow and during nights.

April in Santorini: The weather in April gets warmer and this is the recommended month for hiking and discover the sights. But definitely not a month to enjoy the beaches.

May in Santorini: The weather in May is mostly sunny and warm but this depends of the year. May is maybe the best time to visit Santorini and all the Greek islands. The flights are less expensive and the hotel rates are low. You will be able to enjoy the beaches and for the most brave, even swim.

June in Santorini: Summer is here! The weather in June is great. Not too hot and mostly sunny every day. It is a great month to enjoy the beaches, the sights and the activities without the crowds. Hotels prices and flights fares are still low.

July in Santorini: The weather in July is hot and sunny. Being one of the busiest months of the year, if you are going to Santorini in July, you will need to book your ferry tickets and hotels at least two months in advance. July is one of the most expensive months.

August in Santorini: The weather in August can get very hot. Fortunately, Santorini being an island and surrounded by the sea, a certain level of humidity will keep the night cooler. Also, there are many winds during this month (called Meltemia) that come from the North and make the temperature cooler. August is the busiest and most crowded month. As for July, it is a very expensive month.

September in Santorini: This is the beginning of Fall. The temperature is cooling and looking a lot like for June. The colours of the island and the sea start to change. The temperature of the sea is still very good for swimming as it was heated during summer. It is also a very good month to visit Santorini.

October in Santorini: The temperature is cooling even more. Depending on the years, the weather can be good but sometimes it can also get rainy.

November in Santorini: The weather in November is not good any more. Winter is approaching and it is often cloudy and cool.

December in Santorini: This is the beginning of winter! The weather is cool and can be rainy.

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