Santorini Mesa Vouno

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Location: Perissa

Separating the shores of Perissa and Kamari, Mesa Vouno mountain in Santorini is the home to Ancient Thera’s remains and provides visitors with a fantastic view over Santorini.
It is a very impressive mountain as it slopes run into the sea.

Mesa Vouno is a famous mountain in Santorini, mainly known for its history and placement on the island. These slopes are found in the southeast of Santorini island, dividing revered Kamari and Perissa villages.

The ancient city of Ancient Thira is located there at an altitude of 396 meters. It was founded around the 9th century B.C. by the Dorians, and the ruins of Ancient Thera have survived to this day. Various excavations have revealed a plethora of Roman-age ruins, too.

If you would like to get to Mesa Vouno, you could opt to hike from Perissa towards Kamari, using the designed trail (this trip will take you a couple of hours), or drive a car up the mountain, using the road from Kamari. If you are in one of the villages, intending to visit the other one, we highly suggest you take the water taxi, which connects these two shores daily!

Due to its height, Mesa Vouno offers a fantastic view of the island and the sea, adding to the reasons why it is a popular tourist destination. Note that you need to pay an admission fee to visit the ruins. The site is open from 8:30 to 14:30, excluding Mondays.
In addition, by following the trail that connects Perissa and Kamari and passes through Ancient Thira, you will encounter the Panagia Katefiani church. It is nestled within the steep slopes of Mesa Vouno and offers charming sea views.



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