Kira Thira Jazz Bar

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Fira, Santorini
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The Kira Thira is the oldest bar in Fira and, Dimitri, the owner, who has been watching over this bar for three decades now, has turned the place into one of the most popular night haunts on the island. The bar has access from either side of the streets, and a rather delightful custom is that locals use one entrance, while tourists use the other.

Live music and candlelight interiors have been the trademark of this popular watering hole which is open all year round. A totally laid back place, the Kira Thira is a place where locals, newcomers, revelers, and Jazz lovers can relax with a glass of wine.

The Kira Thira is a bit of departure from the typical nightclubs in Santorini. The bar is actually a cave house and it is decorated with a variety of musical instruments. Its mellow lighting and fine wine provide the perfect setting for an assortment of classic and acid jazz, Latin, and African, and the DJ will keep your ears riveted to the speakers all through the night with one foot tapping hit after the other.

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