Santorini MoMix Bar

Bars Cocktail Bar
Fira, Santorini
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At MoMix the innovation in the method, with references to food technology and food chemistry upgrade the experience of a well-made drink. It is the first bar that used the cutting-edge molecular techniques of bartending, offering unique visual and culinary delight in cocktails.

Enjoy cocktails on mirrors, teaspoons, dishes or wherever your mind can think of. Working with natural compounds, the mixologists of MoMix shape the cocktails and serve them in the shape of a sphere, in the form of gel or ice cream and in different variations that the human creativity can come up with. Of course, you can ask for any cocktail you desire (classics), just here it will be presented in a more... molecular dimension!

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Extra Features

  • Sea View
  • Caldera View
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