Fish & Olive in Naxos, Halki (or Chalki)

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Location: Halki

Fish & Olive is a stunning art gallery situated in Halki. This establishment, founded in 2006, has been a pioneer in Mediterranean ceramics and artwork, offering an extensive collection of handmade pottery, imaginative jewelry, and highly impressive paintings.

The gallery hosts handmade ceramic creations of Katharina Bolesch and artworks of Alexander Reichardt, while it also displays paintings and art by other international artists. This art space frequently hosts artwork showcases and a variety of events throughout the calendar year.

Katharina and Alexander, both Naxian residents, have lived and worked in Halki for quite a long time. More specifically, Katharina’s work as a potter and jewelry maker has been mainly focused on stone and porcelain creations. Taking pride in her handmade practices, the olive and vine motifs are always apparent while also lasting through time due to her double-fired approach to ceramics. On the other hand, Alexander, having been a worldwide traveler and skilled scuba diver, never fails to paint a vivid deep-sea picture on Katharina’s ceramics and his own marble, stone, fabric, and wood jewelry. Both artists express themselves through a Mediterranean-themed depiction of modern times.

Alexander’s characteristic fish designs and eye-popping marble sculptures have received massive international recognition more than once. His work was exhibited for two months in the aquarium & exhibition center The Deep, located in the city of Hull, UK. Moreover, besides having very close associations with the Goulandris Museum of Athens and the Cretaquarium, Reichardt is best known for his commemorative plaque of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, placed in an underwater cave in Santorini. Jewelry and ceramic creations of Katharina have been exhibited at the Design Museum in Helsinki, as well as at the Academy of Athens (during the Olympics of 2004), and in a New York showcase hosted inside the United Nations skyscraper. Plus, various pieces of their art were displayed in Tokyo in early 2013, representing the country of Greece.

Apart from the gallery, Fish & Olive has a small boutique shop and an artist workshop. The Fish & Olive - Art Of The Aegean Shop offers a broad collection of artworks, carefully-made jewelry, beautiful ceramics, exclusive olive wood creations, and top-tier t-shirts & aprons with the gallery’s name and logo. You may also buy premium extra-virgin oil made by the Mercouri family. The newly-found artist workshop, equipped with a gorgeous garden, is usually not open to the public, but you may enjoy a tour with a special invitation from the artists!

The gallery is open daily from 10:00 - 16:30 during the high season!




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